How to marinate mushrooms at home?

artificially cultivated mushrooms have started a thousand years ago in Italy.For their cultivation used special basements.Since then, it took a long time, but people continue to actively grow these delicious and hearty mushrooms in the world.The leader of their cultivation is America, there mushrooms are delivered in different countries and cities.

Cooks prepare wonderful dishes from mushrooms make harvesting the winter, dried them and fry.Today we'll show you how you can marinate the mushrooms at home.Recipes will be described below.

Useful properties and caloric

This type of fungus on the nutritional properties equate to the meat.They are rich in carbohydrates (fiber and sugar), protein, vitamins (B, E, D) and minerals (phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium).They are low-calorie - 100 grams.the product accounts for only 27 calories.Mushrooms have high nutritional value, have antitumor and antibacterial action on the body.

Due to the content of pantothenic acid, can quickly restore vitality, re

lieve fatigue and lift mood.Regular consumption of mushrooms helps reduce bad cholesterol and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.We will now learn to marinate mushrooms and restore your health!

Classic recipes

Mushrooms Marinated


- a kilo of mushrooms;

- pepper (7 pcs.);

- a few cloves of garlic;

- bay leaf (2 pcs.);

- Clove (bud 4);

- water (500 ml.);

- a spoonful of sugar, salt and a pinch of citric acid;

- dill;

- onion;

- vinegar (10 oz.).

Before marinated mushrooms, they need a good wash, scrape and boil for five minutes.You can then take the marinade: In water, add pepper, sugar, cloves, fennel and garlic.Give the broth boil, and put whole mushrooms (can be cut).

Boil 20 minutes before shutting add chopped onion rings and pour vinegar in the proportions.All screwed into sterilized jars, the Gulf of marinade.They can also be put in the refrigerator and let stand for several days, then eat with butter.

Quick marinated mushrooms in wine

Per kilogram of mushroom need: juice of one lemon, dry white wine (two glasses), olive oil (150 grams), garlic, bay leaf, salt, sugar, dill to taste.All seasonings boil, then put in a marinade mushrooms and boil for 15-20 minutes.Give them cool and put into the refrigerator marinated mushrooms.Domestic mushrooms, cooked in wine sauce, have a delicious taste and a pleasant aroma.

mushrooms marinated in oil

wonderful appetizer cooked without water.To do this, we need to take 500 grams of mushrooms, vegetable oil (half a cup), vinegar (50 g.), Bay leaf, garlic, sugar, salt and black pepper (the spices are added to taste).The washed boiled mushrooms in marinade for about 10 minutes, then cooled down and twist in a glass container.

This sauce can be marinated mushrooms and kebabs with basil and cilantro.Some even pour the soy sauce, lemon juice and grenadine.The dish goes well with meat delicacies and fresh vegetables.Try yourself marinate mushrooms, and you'll see how easily and quickly done.