How to dry the apples at home: better ways

Crispy slices of dried apples are incredibly tasty and very helpful.Inside they remain soft and maintain slight acidity of fresh fruits, moreover, so retains substantially all of the vitamins.If you know in advance how to dry the apples for the winter, autumn and make a small margin, in the colder months you can not only eat, but also to prepare creative desserts or apple compote.Crunchy apple chips are different low-calorie, so include them in your diet can be almost everyone.So how do you prepare them?

As apples to dry in the sun?

oldest and most useful of all of the methods is the one that assumes the natural drying in the sun.Before the apples to dry at home, you need to carefully inspect and remove the rotting fruit, wash fruits selected, dry and clean, cut into thin slices or circles.The thinner the slices are, the less likely that the fruit will rot rather than dry.If you clean the peel, cloves a little out of shape, but their taste is not affected.Before drying soak the apples in a weak brine

for about three minutes, so they will keep a light shade.If you like brown and yellow, this step can be easily deleted.Transfer the slices on a wooden or metal baking tray and place it in the sun so that to the fruit was fresh air.Well suited for such purposes balcony.Turn the apples a few times a day, so segments will dry out evenly.If the weather is quite sunny, you will need about four days.

How to dry the apples in the oven?

in urban environments more comfortable yet dried fruit without the help of nature.Try for this oven.Before the apples to dry at home, you need to select, wash and finely chop the fruit as much as possible, no more than eight millimeters in thickness.Cover a baking sheet with baking paper, spread the resulting slices and turn on the oven for fifty degrees.Gradually increase the temperature of eighty degrees, then turn down her back.Every hour, turn the apples and keep the oven door ajar.To make sweet apples, you can soak them before drying in a sugar syrup.On a full cooked apple chips, so it will take about eight hours.

still several ways of how to dry apples at home

Try microwave.This is a fairly quick way, it only takes a few minutes.Wash and chop the vegetables, put them on a plate, the laid natural tissues including the microwave on low power for two minutes.If apples are not quite ready, dry a little bit more.Alternatively, you can use a special dryer, in which the fruits to be dried six hours, first at eighty degrees, and then at sixty.Knowing how to dry apples at home, you will be able to delight family appetizing apple chips even when the fruit is not the season.