Decorating the walls in the kitchen

There are many ways of decoration of the walls in the kitchen.You can just paint the panels, wallpaper paste, and can be used cork, water-resistant wood or ceramic tile.But first it is necessary to prepare the wall, plaster them repaired joints and cracks, apply a primer.The so-called Predchistovaya wall decoration takes a lot of time, but if it be neglected, the result can be disastrous.

Indeed, depending on the decorative material which will be used in the decoration of the walls, it will be necessary to take into account some of the nuances.Before sticker wallpaper should be carefully aligned and prime the entire surface of the walls.If you have applied for a wall decoration cloth decoration, all the pre-sockets and switches need to deepen in the wall.The fabric must be pre-washed, so she sat down in advance and is not deformed during the operation.Figure tissues should not be textured, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the dirt.And the fabric itself must always be treated with fire and wate

r-repellent composition.

walls in the finishing of the fabric does not necessarily make absolutely smooth, as this material will hide little rough and uneven.Cloth can be pasted on the wall, nailed brackets and fix rails on the perimeter.Particular attention should be given to the opening edge of doors, windows and switched outlets.For sound insulation placed under the fabric thin foam plates.Decorating the walls of fabric give the room a certain style, chic, solemnity, but can be used in large rooms, such as dining room in a country house.In a typical apartment kitchen in everyday life is impractical.

most common walls in the kitchen involves the use of wall tiles, especially in the working surface of the wall near the stove, sink and desktop.Tiled easy to clean, easy to care for, durable and gives the kitchen a certain color.It is not necessary to lay out the walls with tiles, so as not to give the official view of the room.In this kitchen would be impossible to create comfort, there will always be a feeling of cold.Try to keep drawing tiles, do not cut it into pieces and try to seal the tile joints grout color as white quickly turns gray.

very practical wall decoration in the kitchen latex semi-gloss paint that is easy to clean and allows the walls to breathe.Glossy paint are clearly visible all the pollution, so it is better not to use.

looks great in the kitchen self-adhesive film of different colors.The most suitable colorings for food are salad, blue, but yellow and orange colors stimulate appetite, which should take into account people Weight Watchers.In modern conditions, there is a wide choice of finishing materials in the stores, so the walls in the kitchen today, a matter of taste, style, and financial capabilities of people.

What do you want to create in the kitchen: a cozy atmosphere for family dinners, afternoon tea or a work environment depends on it, and the choice of materials, and their color and texture.Additionally, you must adhere to the style and harmony with furniture and household appliances, already available in the kitchen.Suffice it nice and stylish looks walls in the kitchen special cleaning structural or embossed vinyl wallpaper.Either use a tint wallpaper: linkrusta extremely important for people suffering from allergies and non-woven wallpaper that mask the irregularities of the walls, do not stretch and do not sit in the care.

And you can use paint or enamel for interior work.Such work can be done yourself, without the help of professionals.This is one of the advantages, besides the paint is a cheap material, and can pick up the desired color using the color scheme.

Whatever material you did not choose for the walls in the kitchen, always keep in mind that it is they are water-resistant and fireproof.