How to install bath in the oven with his own hands

in the Russian bath is not only to clean but also improve health.And so it pleased with its warmth and served more than a decade, the owner of the construction is necessary to have an idea of ​​how to install the stove in the bath.After all, it is a source of heat, from the quality and type depends not only how to be a warm and cozy pair, but the mood of the owner and his friends / guests.

How to build a furnace for a bath with his hands

Without this very important part of the steam is not present steam.Before how to install the stove in the sauna, you should consider all before the start of work.The first step is to determine the model.If the furnace is lined with brick, it is done in advance under her foundation.If metal, the base under it is not required.Of course, you can make changes in the finished interior of the bath, but such innovations will take more time and require more resources.And it will make it much more difficult.

purchasing metal bath in the furnace, it is important to read th

e instructions for installing them.And if you do the stove yourself, you must perform a number of construction works.

rules when installing

When installing the furnace should follow the general rules and regulations necessary for the proper operation and safety.

The most important rule is that the furnace should be on bystrovosplamenyayuschihsya materials at a distance of 1.5 meters, and the chimney - launched through a specially arranged in the ceiling and roof of the passage.To avoid ignition of wooden structures chimney wrapped steel sheet.The image of the space lay insulation - expanded clay or basalt wool.

there and ready sandwich construction for the chimney.They represent the two pipes of different diameters, which are stacked between insulating incombustible material.But the shelf chimney will be more expensive.

Foundation for the furnace

Before you install bath in the oven, it is necessary to equip non-combustible surface.To design was more reliable and secure, its installation is performed on a prepared base, made of fireclay brick or concrete.Foundation for the furnace in the bath must be completely smooth and durable.Most often, the wooden floors in the bath - and then to ensure that fire safety is placed on them steel sheet.Its value must be less than the size of the stove by 50%.On top of the steel sheet or laid Asbestos tile.There are also ready-made shields made of steel section of 0.8 cm.

Most often establish a wood-burning oven in the bath, or the ones that will burn coal.In this case, before the door to arrange a metal platform, which should be relatively large to inadvertently dropped from the coals are not caught fire.It is also recommended to protect the area around the furnace with non-combustible materials.The walls of the log screen protected sheet steel and insulated.

Furnaces metal

advantage of the fact that the metal heats up faster bricks.Consequently, less fuel need.This stove is good because it is easy enough to install, and the price is accessible to everyone.Metal furnace can be ordered custom-made and can be purchased and factory production.

This design has a significant drawback - after the termination of the furnace, it cools down very quickly.

brick ovens

Brick heater is the most practical option, but an expensive and time-consuming.This type of furnace gives a more gentle heat, keeping it for a long time.One of the advantages of the stove - its security, since no risk of burns.But along with the advantages, it also has one drawback.This design is very slowly heated.In this regard, it requires a large amount of fuel.

Principles of masonry brick oven

Before you install bath in the oven, it is necessary to take into account some important nuances.Note the poryadovkoy brick - it is carried out carefully.If the oven is placed a large size, and its output will be quite high.

Particular attention is paid to a solution for masonry oven.He kneaded by special technology on clay, which is necessary to pre-soak and let stand for a while.

Brick oven bath with his hands lead, respecting the norms and requirements.To obtain a strong structure, you must align the corners and rows using a level.As will be posted third row start to integrate the blower door.To avoid skewing must be twisted wire and remain in this state until the end of work.

During stacking the fourth row is a recess for the grate through which to pour the ashes in the ash pit.Laying is conducted to the desired height for the installation of the tank, which is installed on channels mounted to the furnace.To tank burns long, it can be finished with asbestos.

masonry perform to that level until it closes the tank on all sides.Do not forget about the doors to the furnace.Laying lead up to the twenty-third of bricks.After begin to raise the pipe.Laying pipes are in a half-brick.Its height depends on the height of the roof, but it should be 1.5 meters above the roof.

Arranging oven made of brick, with special attention to the need to follow the seams between the elements.Their thickness should be less than 5 mm.The joints must be thoroughly embedded solution to avoid leakage of smoke through them.

When installing the furnace in the bath with his hands importantly - to avoid mistakes and properly mount design.To do this, make calculations and draw a plan of the heater.When you create a drawing, it is important to remember that the very furnace should be located at a distance of one meter from the wall, and the pipe - output from the pre-made chimney.

When installing shelves and benches observed distance of 1.5 meters from the firebox.Its door must be in the corner of the bath.And even better to place the furnace in the dressing room.

When building raises many questions, including how to install the bath furnace.The most important step is good, the base under the stove.The best option would be to prepare the site during the laying of the foundation.To do this, fill in a separate area specifically taking into account the size of the future of the furnace.This platform will be the basis for the heater.

of metallic furnace

If mounted steel furnace, the lack of foundation under it - is not a problem.Weight of the product usually small, therefore it is possible to make the stand on the floor of a steel sheet, brick and refractory plate.

on the subfloor with screws attached plate.It with a solution of stacked bricks.After the solution has dried, the adhesive is attached to a special steel sheet.You must wait two days to dry mixtures, and only after that to make installation of the product.

If the furnace is installed, prefabrication producer, before starting work, read the instructions carefully and strictly follow its rules.If the design has been made by individual order, it is necessary to seek advice from a furnace master.

Once the base is ready, you can set the oven.Dimensions of the stand must be strictly match the stove.It should be located to the entrance doors of the furnace.The very same furnace should be in the corner of the pair.

Mounting the chimney and pipes

next step after the installation of a furnace arrangement and installation of the flue pipe.

In modern building for more aesthetic appearance of buildings, many began to use square chimneys.But such a design is not practical, since the soot is going faster in the corners, and it will have to be cleaned frequently.

Proper furnace to the bath - the one that has a tube made of stainless steel.Form it should be round.The cross section of the pipe must match the diameter of the inlet in the stove.Its minimum length must be 5 meters.

installation capacity

often elite baths install boilers for heating water.They are easy to mount and device powered by electricity.The boiler can be located anywhere.Of course, this embodiment is optimal in the event that a bath is connected to all communication and also allows the size of the structure.

Well, if there are no such conditions?When there is no possibility to use the water heater, then there is an alternative - to arrange the furnace bath tub.This arrangement allows heated water while heating furnace.

tank is installed near or over a stove.This embodiment will be optimal, not only in the absence of electricity, but also if the structure is small in size.

In rare cases, the tank furnace is installed directly to the bath directly onto the stove.But this is not the best option, since such a structure contributes to the creation of cold cork, which prevents melt furnace.If the container is in contact with the inlet pipe, the condensate formed in it - and the result will clog chimney soot and carbon black.


There are a few important points under which room will serve for many years and will please his hosts warmth and comfort.

Firstly, as a complement to the above, it may be advisable to strictly observe safety precautions.It's not news that the cause of fire baths often a furnace.And basically a fire starts at the point where the wooden structures through which the chimney.

If the bath is planned to install an electric furnace, it is necessary to provide more and electrical.In this case, wiring carefully calculated by summing the power of all devices.

When paired small size, and it is a metal oven, there is a risk of burns.In this case, it is better to impose a brick or have a partition-like screen.