Means "Algitinn" pool: composition, instructions for use and feedback

in water of any pool over time, there are always a variety of microorganisms, but simultaneously with it fruitfully multiply and algae.They have a blue-green color and are cyanobacteria.Algae in most cases exhibit excellent resistance to chlorine as this substance can not penetrate the dense skin formed, which is obtained due to their large concentrations.It is to deal with large colonies of cyanobacteria has been established drug "Algitinn" pool.It comes in the form of a liquid concentrate.Chlorine is still the best material, which is intended to combat the algae, although it must be its concentration is much higher than if it were required to destroy microorganisms.At the same time the right amount remains at a level that does not harm people bathing.

Action liquid concentrate

substance "Algitinn" pool is designed not to kill algae.It prevents their growth.In addition, the impact lasts a lot of time.As a result, the pool water is clarified.This effect is achieved by breaking down the protective

film cyanobacteria, so the disinfectant to work effectively.It is recommended to use the drug "Algitinn" pool before artificial pond much overgrown.But if after all this happened, then the liquid concentrate is an additional component that allows a high concentration of chlorine fulfill his destiny.To maintain a constant level of the substance in the pool is very easy, as it is not destroyed by exposure to sunlight.

composition, impact on man and the price means

substance "Algitinn" pool is made on the basis of ammonium, or rather, of its quaternary compounds.Their means contained in the composition 10%.Liquid concentrate algaecide and is pH-neutral.At the same time it contains absolutely no chlorine, and in its composition does not include heavy metals.This, in turn, eliminates the adverse effects to the human body, but also with such indicators increases its cost compared to other similar drugs.

aids for mixing with the liquid pool

A special measuring device should be added to the water preparation "Algitinn."Instructions for use means advises using for this purpose an automatic device that allows you to add a substance controlled doses.Algaecide directly mixing with the water is in the swimming pool.But it must be remembered that such operations should be carried out at a time when there is an operation of the circulating pump artificial reservoir.Moreover, the process is carried out near the place where the liquid medium is fed into the pool.

drug "Algitinn."Instructions for use means

One of the tips for the owners of swimming pools of any type is that the liquid concentrate is recommended before adding algaecide in swimming facility dissolve in water, thus it is necessary to use a separate container.During this action the initial concentration of the drug should be lowered to about 3-5.As a result of the process of getting a solution, it is necessary to connect a water pool near triski (nozzle).These places are basically a lattice through which the flow of fluid from the pump.You can also perform these actions in several areas, but it should be possible to avoid direct contact with the drug on the filters.

Recommended dosage algaecide

Today there are several ways of processing the pool, which is directly dependent on the concentration of cyanobacteria:

  1. treatment as usual.During this process of preparation "Algitinn" it is recommended to add a non-foaming in an amount of 50 ml in an artificial reservoir that belongs to the open type and a closed basin for the dosage is 30 ml.The number of agents specified for every 10 cubic meters of liquid.The procedure must be performed once a week.
  2. shock treatment method.At the time of this operation for every 10 cubic meters of water, 150 ml algaecide.The process is performed as needed.
  3. If the basin has accumulated a large number of cyanobacteria, that is, it is very overgrown with algae, it is recommended in this situation initially processed liquid medium ten pills "Hloriteksa" for every 10 cubic meters of water.Then, after about 10-12 hours, keeping the same ratio, add 250 ml of algaecide.After this type of treatment is required to implement a technical break, during which an artificial pond will not operate for 12 hours.
Table algaecide dosage for proper care of water
Doses ml Volume artificial pond for swimming in cubic meters.
20 40 60 80 100 120

treatment as usual (for indoor / outdoor pond)

100/60 200/120 300/180 400/240 500/300 600/360

shock treatment method

600 300 900 1200 1500 1800


When the vehicle is used for the pool "Algitinn", it is mandatory to comply with the basic safety measures:

  1. Children should not have access to the drug.
  2. All people should avoid contact with eyes and skin liquid concentrate.
  3. Funds can not be used inside the body.
  4. Algaecide must not have contact when used with other chemicals.

Customer Reviews about the drug "Algitinn."Reviews of him

According to consumers, means simply to use.They recommend that before applying to do an operation that allows you to backwash the filter.Then, you must include a circulation pump, then add the right amount of chemical in the body of water directly at the area where the flow of the liquid medium.After this pool is preserved for 12 hours.In such a situation, as the substance is colorless and odorless, the water, the drug "Algitinn" Pool is only good reviews from all the people who had a chance to use it.This method of use of the drug is almost completely corresponds to the process described in the manual, so the efficiency of the method is no doubt.In addition, virtually all owners of artificial reservoirs is used to clean the tile edges and rubber mats means "Algitinn" pool.Reviews in numerous amounts of such agents confirm the efficacy of.To achieve the desired antifungal effect, it is necessary to prepare a working solution, which will consist of 500 ml of water and 100 ml of the preparation.