Prayer before bathing on Epiphany (January 19)

great holiday Epiphany is always filled with a special grace and joy.All Orthodox Christians celebrate it in the evening January 18 (Christmas Eve), and the whole day on 19 January.This holiday is associated with a very important biblical events that took place in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.It was about two thousand years ago.

mystery of the Holy Trinity

Bible describes the event that once out of the water, Jesus Christ, in the same moment the heavens opened, and he heard a voice: "You - my beloved Son, in whom I am blessing."That's when people discover the great mystery of the Holy Trinity.After the Baptism of Christ commanded his disciples to go and teach it to all the nations.Now this sacrament attached to each okreschayuschiysya.

Prayer on Epiphany before bathing.When taking on water?

God sanctified with His baptism all the water, and now in these days of all Orthodox Christians traditionally celebrate a holiday blessing of the waters.At this time, in a

ll Orthodox churches consecrated water, and then into rivers and other bodies of water.Then they made the whole procession which are called Procession to the Jordan.All this is done for the consecration of a natural source of water.


believed that Baptism body bathed in water, thus purified, just as the repentant soul, believed in the Lord, He also will be saved.Therefore prayer before bathing on Epiphany has a huge effect.

Winter Swimming Winter became a Christian tradition and culture of the Slav peoples.And today the most courageous people in this festival like plunge into the water and thus cleaned.A special prayer before bathing on Epiphany helps people get rid of the heavy sins.Hence comes the healing of physical and spiritual illnesses.But this action is not so much the water itself as a state of mind of a man who aspires to be close to God.

Prayer before bathing on Epiphany

Prayer - is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the evil force.Prayer before bathing on Epiphany January 19 necessary as that in the Epiphany Eve must comply with strict fasting, and food to eat only bread and water to help cleanse the body and soul.

ancestral pagan tradition we got to wonder, though, as we know, this is not charity activity.But the young girls at all times, burning with curiosity, and wondered at the suitors, but in the morning they had to pray fervently that they just those sins.

There are many interesting traditions.For example, the morning of January 19 need to go into the yard early in the morning, wipe clean the snow and thus purified.It is believed that if the sky that day will no clouds, each prayer before bathing on Epiphany will be heard.But besides all the prayers should always pronounce with great care and devotion, not their chattering as well memorized text.

Bathing on Epiphany

Epiphany is also called Epiphany.The Lord that day revealed to the world the light impregnable.The word "baptize" in the Greek language means "is immersed in water."To properly answer the question about what the prayer before bathing on Epiphany January 19, you first need to understand the very essence of the holiday.The first step is to understand the symbolic meaning, which has water in the Old Testament.After all, it represents the beginning of life, all living things came from it.Where there is water there is no life, and besides water, when her much, can carry destruction.You can remember the great flood - because one day God was angry and destroy all sinners.

Baptism of

tradition Blessing of the Waters came here in the year 988, when Rus was baptized Kiev Prince Vladimir the Great.Rite vodoosvyascheniya only a priest can perform.Please read a special prayer before bathing on Epiphany on January 19, and at the same time is threefold immersion in water Cross.This occurs immediately after the festive liturgy.According to custom, pre-preparing the hole, which usually appears in the form of a cross and has a symbolic name of Jordan.

Very often can immediately raise questions about what is the prayer at Epiphany bathing in front when to draw water at Epiphany, when she curative, and many others.

To start still need to learn that the baptism of water is becoming a shrine that heals and gives strength.Therefore, this long process of sanctification of water in the church.All Orthodox, who came to this day for a holiday, collect water, or wash, and the bravest wish to swim in an ice hole.Epiphany water is already possible to recruit and Christmas Eve on January 18 and the day of Epiphany on January 19th - on the properties, and holiness, it will be the same.

Pagan tradition of bathing

return to the stories of ancestors (ancient Scythians).They dipped their babies into the hole and thereby tempered them.In addition, according to the pagan tradition, swimming in the hole completed a rite of passage in the soldiers.So in Russia and has become a tradition to heat the bath-house, rubbed with snow and jump into a cold hole.And to this day preserved some pagan rites.Now we bathe in the icy water and celebrate Epiphany Shrove Tuesday, which marks the beginning of Lent.

Needless to swim at Baptism?

carefully dealing with the questions of what kind of need prayer at Epiphany to swim when to draw water, and what day it is best to do (18 or January 19), it should be noted that according to church rules Great Blessing of Water is happening in Epiphany Eveon 18 January.Religious people go first to the service, and then gaining Epiphany water.Swim and water, you can dial in the evening on 18 January.

dips into the hole is not necessarily required, just on their own.At the same time the main thing that the hole has been specially equipped, the place was warm dressing, prepared hot tea, etc.At the same mistake to think that if on that day the person is redeemed, it will be forgiven all sins.

Returning to the theme "Prayer on Epiphany before bathing" in order to properly approach this decision baptismal water, we must first survive the post, then confession and communion.It should also ask for the blessing of a priest.Before bathing in the hole one must understand that this is primarily a risk to his health, which means that you must have all the medical records of normal, that is, at least a consultation with a doctor.It is simply necessary.

Prayer on Epiphany

And you can now answer the question: "What is the prayer at Epiphany before bathing, who prays Orthodox man?"

On Baptism read these prayers:

  • Tropar Epiphany.
  • Glas 1st begins with the words "You wast baptized in the Jordan ...".
  • Kondak Epiphany.
  • Tone 4 th: "Thou hast appeared unto this day ... the universe."

See also Magnification Epiphany: "We magnify thee, Zhivodavche Christ ...".

Before you plunge into a hole three times you need to say a prayer.The first time dipping - "In the Name of the Father", the second time - "and the Son", the last - "And the Holy Spirit!Amen. "

It should be understood, however, that strong prayer at Epiphany before bathing.What to read better, of course, it is necessary to know, but most importantly - how the soul and heart with which these words are pronounced.It is not always our external observance of church rules play an important role, is mainly a spiritual and moral education of every Christian.It is with this and we always start.This means that we must humble ourselves and repent, forgive all his enemies, ask forgiveness of those who wronged themselves, help the needy, to repent of their sins and try to do more good deeds.And then the world around will be much kinder and more merciful.