How to calculate holiday pay

Not only the accountant of the company, but the employee is useful to know how to calculate holiday pay.The more that happens vacation in different situations: regular, maternity, child care.When dismissing calculated compensation for unused vacation.And man, it is important to know what is the basis of calculation of who has the right to leave, how many days is necessary in a particular case.

labor legislation of the Russian Federation provides paid leave of 28 calendar days, excluding public holidays.Weekends are taken into account.Eligibility for each employee receives a holiday after having worked for more than six months.For long working hours were added to three days.The teacher put 42 days holiday and nesovershennoletnim- 31 calendar days.In the case of part-time work for at least six months of leave shall be granted for the time actually worked.An employee of the enterprise may use the vacation completely, but it can take part, but to one of the parts made at least 14 days.

It is important to know how to calculate holiday pay, in case of increase of the salary for the billing period.To do this, add up all the payments in the last 12 months of operation, except for single premium payment for sick leave, vacation pay and material assistance.Monthly and quarterly bonus is taken into account.Then it considered the time actually worked on the production calendar.Working days spent on sick leave and not taken into account.If you have worked in the company less than 12 months, the calculation are only fully worked month.

When dividing the sum of all charges by the number of days worked in a year, we get the sum of daily earnings taken into account in the calculation of holiday pay.With an increase in the salary taken into account also in the calculation of the multiplying factor.It can show a simple example.If before the salary was 20,000 rubles, and then became 25,000 rubles, it is necessary to 25000: 20000 = 1.25.This ratio must be multiplied by the amount of the annual accrual for further calculations.Only then calculate the average daily earnings.

important to know how to calculate holiday pay for incomplete length of service in the event of illness during the holidays, when an employee leaves.In the calculation of average daily vacation pay multiplied by the number of calendar days.

If you have worked for a year, have a stable income and have not been on sick leave, the holiday can be easily calculated.This month earnings divided by 29.4 (the average number of calendar days in a month) and multiply by the number of calendar days-28.Or the sum of all annual charges divided by 12, then by 29.4 and multiplied by 28.

It will be interesting to know how to calculate holiday pay if the holiday falls during a holiday.This leave shall be extended by one day, but the holiday is not paid.

need to know how to calculate the selling, if you have not worked out any full month during the year.In this case, when calculating the number of days taken as a basis as follows.29.4: The number of days per month and multiplied by the number of days worked.For example, in April you have worked for two days.29.4 It should be: 30 * 2.

Finally, how to calculate holiday pay for dismissal?A more correct to say compensation for unused vacation.To do this, the number of laid calendar days divided into 12 months and multiplied by the number of months worked, and in the amount of one day holiday.If a person worked for 1 month.and 14 days, believe in one month, and if it worked 1 month.and 15 days, followed by two in the calculation of the day.For example, the employee worked for eleven months and 13 days, and he put a vacation in 31 days.In the calculation of compensation 31 12 = 2.58.Then, 2.58 * 11 months.When calculating the amount of severance package takes into account the difference between the position and has used vacation.It may be produced as a supplement, and retention in, if you had to use vacation days more than earned.