Cooking delicious crumbly pilaf in multivarka "Philips"

Pilaf in multivarka "Philips" is able to make quick and tasty even a novice cook.After all this cooking device includes a special program that is designed for the preparation of this dish.But to a hearty lunch I turned and fragrant, in the process of its creation, and it is desirable to additionally use this mode as "Hot."But first things first.

How to make risotto in multivarka "Philips"?

To prepare this dish east can use any meat.We decided to buy 300 grams of lean pork.After all, the product after the heat treatment becomes very gentle, soft and delicious.In addition to the meat ingredient for cooking pilaf need to purchase and products such as:

  • bulb white onions - 3 heads;
  • rice (preferably take long grain) - 1.6 cups;
  • average fresh carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • brown garlic - 1 head;
  • ground allspice, turmeric, salt, barberry - to add taste and personal preferences;
  • refined olive oil or sunflower oil - for frying meat and vegetables;
  • filtered water - add in its sole discretion.

Processing meat ingredient

Preparation pilaf in multivarka "Philips" does not take a lot of time and effort.That's why this dish is very popular among those who do not like a long time to stand at the stove.But before you put in a bowl of the device, all the necessary ingredients, they should be well treated.Let's start with the meat.It must be thoroughly washed, cut off all unnecessary film and stems, then chop on a not very large pieces.

Prepare vegetables and cereals

Pilaf in multivarka "Philips" get crisp and delicious, if its preparation to use a minimum of water and polished long-grain rice.Groats to be pre-bust (if required), and then put in a sieve and carefully shifting hands, wash it well before the clear liquid.

As for vegetables, the pilaf in Multivarki "Phillips", as well as on a gas stove, requires the use of a classical set.Thus, the need to take a couple of medium-sized carrots and onions, and then clear them from the peel and chop into cubes.It should also be washed separately the head of garlic in raw form and make a few cuts with a knife in her tab.

Heat treatment of the ingredients

To create this dish we will use multivarka "Phillips-3039."Recipes "pilaf" and "Spaghetti", as well as methods for the preparation of various cereals, soups, meals and baking steam can be seen in a special book, which is attached to this unit.But most of these dishes are made without hostesses culinary publications, using only their experience and knowledge.

Once all the ingredients are processed properly in the bowl of kitchen tools needed to pour olive or sunflower oil and heat it well in the mode of cooking.Then, without shutting down the program in the capacity necessary to pour the shredded carrots and onions.Cooking vegetables should be easy to redness for 5 minutes, after which it is required to add the pork slices and fry for another quarter of an hour.

As a result of this procedure, you should get a very tasty and fragrant mass needed to flavor with salt and pepper.After that, you can safely proceed to the computation of rice.

cooking all meals in advance multivarka

processed cereals need to put an even layer on top zazharki and then season it with turmeric, barberry, a little salt and add crude head of fresh garlic.Next, you want to add water Fig.It is better to use boiled water cool, is not it the broth boils much faster, which will accelerate the process of cooking pilaf.

It should be noted that the amount of water infused into this dish can vary considerably.So, if you prefer to use crisp rice, the liquid should cover the rump by 1 centimeter.If you like the more viscous dinner, this figure can be increased to 2 or even 3 times.

After all the components will appear in the bowl Multivarki, it should be closed, and set the special program "pilaf".The selected mode is set the time yourself.You will only wait until the device emits a kind of signal that would indicate a full cooked dishes.

proper feeding dinner to the table

should be noted that this dish can be made not only in multivarka or on the gas stove.After pilaf in a pressure cooker, "Phillips" turns out not less tasty and satisfying.After the dinner will be fully prepared, it should be thoroughly mixed large spoon and let stand in a heating mode for a few minutes.Next, rice with meat necessary to arrange on plates and to present to the table along with salt and tomato pickles.Bon Appetit!