How to tie a hook takes - guide for lovers of original things

Every woman wants to be always individual and bright.First assistant in this it become fashion accessories, the original items of clothing.The face and the human head always becomes the object of the initial attention.Therefore, a special approach is usually paid to the choice of headwear.

There are many instructions, which presents a fashionable beret knitting needles, the product leaves no less beautiful, but if you knit beret crochet, it is a more elegant, the work looks refined and exclusive.

for a very long time takes a fashion accessory.Every season you can see how changing trends in the priorities of colors hats, their fabric texture, but the shape of this unique product remains the same - a soft, flexible, elastic.Of course, it also depends on how to knit crochet takes - free viscous or thick.

consider how to tie a hook takes.

will look very original takes, related relief viscous columns without nakida (using the technique pickup under the lower half-loop).

What do I need to buy 100 g

fur fashion or your favorite color.The hook must be adjusted according to the thickness of the filament.Before you tie takes the hook, try to make the usual chain, consisting of air loops.If it is difficult to perform a simple task (awkward grab or hook thread is constantly slipping away somewhere), you should try to take the hook of a different size.

Let's get started:

start with the fact that air loops knit braid the length of 19 cm.

number 1st: columns without nakida.

Tip: to the first row was not curved, compared with a chain base, periodically try to skip one loop throughout the entire series.For example, you can evenly neprovyazannymi leave every eight loop.

2nd Row: provyazyvaem column without nakida;at the end of a number you need to do three polustolbika.

number 3rd: Knit 3 polustolbika, all other loop - this column without nakida by introducing the hook in the rear shackle.Knitting repeat from the 1st series.

So knit product to a height of about 70 cm (can be guided according to their own tastes and desires).It is important to make sure that the web width is not increased or decreased, and was uniform from start to finish.

Tip: To remedy the situation, if you see that, nevertheless, a number began to increase, it is necessary to make the edge of one of the two columns.If the situation is reversed, then a loop to create two columns.So try as much as possible to adjust the width.

As the web will dovyazano, it is necessary to combine the short edges together.Thus connect them.This can be done by the same hook and thread.After connecting thread does not need to cut and leave 15-20 cm, to pull her upper edge of the beret.Thus, a bottom of the headgear.The thread, which is pulled tightly secured from inside out.Now we need to put in order the opposite open end of the beret.We do this with the help of his columns without tying nakida.Thus, several rows will be sufficient to complete the product.It should have about 5-7 rows.But it depends on your wishes style.

Important: vyvyazyvaya this part, you need to take to narrow gradually.For this purpose each row at a certain interval to diminish the number of loops.So do as long as the circle will not fit the circumference of the head.You must try to understand how comfortable sitting headdress.

Finish the job you need truncation of thread and fixing from the wrong side, preferably behind the product.

to try on and take pride in the fact that it is the result of your hard work.

This knitting fashionable beret does not end there - can show imagination and decorate it with beads, flowers and any other accessories, do all that tells your creative vision.

Good luck to you, dear ladies and inspiration !!!

Here's a simple answer to the complex question of how to tie a hook takes his hands.