the most fashionable summer blouses 2011

Summer delights us with a warm wind and sunshine.Vibrant and bright colors of clothes - just what you need this season.Fans should be bright all pay close attention to the orange and green.Much time is spent on it to bring your wardrobe to no one according to the fashion.In the closet of every woman should have several different styles of blouses: office, under jeans, evening, and other options - something without which obhoytis impossible.

fashion blouses 2011 astonishingly varied.Picking nesolko Varant can look beautiful and stylish new every day.Change raovat images will not only you but also others.Consider the most popular models of blouses.

Nothing can be as fashionable as a few old processed - and this is confirmed in today's podium, where this time took top 70s style.Preference is given to large volumes, and the most simple tailoring.Very interesting model with a few half-mast shoulder and asymmetrical collar

Modern blouse 2011 for the summer should be easy and pleasant to the body.To cre

ate this effect using light and natural materials: silk, chiffon, lace, cotton and muslin.Thanks to these materials creates a unique feminine image to which it is impossible not to pay attention.

-shirts Blouses

In the 70-ies of the last century, the famous Yves Saint Laurent presented to the public the new model blouses that looked like an ordinary peasant shirt, because they had a large amount of wide sleeves.This summer will delight us with similar models.However, blouses will be performed in 2011 in the peasant style, and in the usual masculine form.The ideal would be for them to Tacna chiffon and silk.Rage is considered small floral pattern on a transparent background natrualnoy tissue.

orange, green, flower, white blouses will be relevant not only in the form of a jacket, because nobody canceled beauty slim waist.Fitted model, emphasizing the silhouette and effectively releasing the narrowest place with a thin or wide belts, create a unique feminine image.Fabrics are the same, which ensures the preservation of lightness and airiness.

Blouses Sleeveless

choosing sleeveless blouses need to look at the most striking colors and forget about black, which absorbs the heat from the ultraviolet rays of the sun in the already hot summer weather.Owners of beautiful hand definitely need to get a couple of blouses.Additionally, sleeveless blouse is versatile enough: dark - for the office, bright, floral tones, printovye colors - for an evening walk and a hike in the restaurant.

Top blouses can be designed in different ways: a blouse with a collar collar, deep neckline, stand - a great choice for summer.Neckline emphasize a beautiful chest and will certainly attract the attention of the opposite sex.Stand-up collar is better to decorate the bow, if it was not originally envisaged, or just select a model with a cut in the form of heart.When choosing a blouse with a collar clamp give preference to natural silk, making the model is not just a beautiful and luxurious.

Blouses 2011 models, "American" ideal for women with a small breast size.The owner of such a model, there is no doubt that it effectively stands out among the others.

course, white blouses never lose relevance.Designers have developed a variety of styles for an evening dress, walking in the park, office and other occasions.

Lightweight materials, feminine shapes, bright and gentle colors - exactly what you need any fashionista this summer.Any model with the correct selection of skirts, pants or a sundress will make your image a unique, one has only to start with a hike in the fashion store.