Dress Shirt: practical, beautiful and stylish

no doubts the fact that the girl, dressed in a slightly too big shirt of his beloved young man looks not only beautiful, but also a damn sexy.Paradoxically, but it is deliberate courage and simplicity of a shirt perfectly underlines the fragility and grace encroached on the wardrobe boyfriend ladies, she reveals her femininity and tenderness.But before such a great representative of the fairer sex this man is very difficult to resist - just want to preserve and protect the fragile wonderful creation, innocent clap lovely lashes.

noticed this pattern, enterprising designers clothing immediately invented a great option for women dress individually.Now, straightforward title - dress shirt, the first time uttered a little less than a century ago, the legendary Coco Chanel, combines a variety of options of different models - from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

connects them next.Any dress shirt has a clasp or odor on the principle of a kimono in front and a distinctive collar.This is followed b

y a flight of fancy: style, material, colors, length and overall thrust may differ materially.

modern houses on the catwalk defile fashion model in satin and silk dresses, a jacket cut.This is - always bright and colorful close-fitting dress with a narrowed skirt are perfect for a romantic date, or to work in the office.It looks great and dress shirt in safari style: khaki, original belt, cuffs on short or three-quarter sleeves, turn-down pockets on the chest, severe collar and length to mid-thigh.This outfit decorate absolutely any woman.

In parallel with these trends, there is a trend that has come to us from the distant 60-ies - indie.This plaid short or long shirt made of cotton fabrics, which represent a great option for everyday life, outing or marine recreation.And adding to the image of extravagant accessories, you can safely go on a stylish party.Very cute and romantic look like the free model or plant flower colors.

dress shirt - itself is very self-sufficient outfit, which, due to its brevity and almost aristocratic minimalism, and is capable of producing a refined conceptual image.However, the frequently asked question, what to wear with a dress shirt, there are plenty of original answers.

Such a board should be closed shoe high-heeled shoes, high boots or sandals with a pretty massive wedges or platform.At the same time the long shirt "rustic" style suit and simple woven sandals on a flat sole.

dress shirt can be very creative to combine with a variety of cute tops, leggings, thick textured tights, jeans and even skirts.For example, going to work, it should be a little "calm", diluted flight flower summer dress, put on top of a solid color top.

To feel the most fashionable at a party or outing, to the usual classic jeans and topu add a stylish cape cheerful dress-shirt.The next decision for the bold and outrageous girls.On top of fluffy skirt rich, vivid colors, have put like the dress shirt with a wide belt at the waist.

for autumn-winter season, an excellent option is a warm-shirt dress with leggings or thick tights rich colors with a pattern.Tights can be successfully replaced by jeans and simple.

So dress shirt - a versatile dress for any time of the year that's perfect for every woman and girl.