Modern Hotel: Recruitment for Hotel

modern hotel owners try to meet European standards, an important role in the image of the hotel and the staff plays .More precisely, the staff is the face of the hotel.In addition to the environment, visitors pay attention to the hotels staff, and that staff form a further impression of the client to the hotel.Good staff can easily arrange for visitor itself, will give impetus to further visits to the hotel and thus attract new customers (will work here for recommendation).Disgruntled employees can easily ruin the reputation of the hotel, thus pushing the current and future visitors.Accordingly, such a question as the recruitment for the hotel should be dealt with carefully and systematically.

In each hotel there are maids, concierges, security guards, waiters, cooks and managers of the hotel.Positions are quite different, but all employees are closely communicate with customers, which imposes certain obligations on the entire staff.In large hotels, in addition to these workers often present positi

ons such as doctors, cereals and animators.In any case, whether recruited staff for the new hotel, or require replacement staff, recruitment procedure will be quite responsible.

First of all, we should pay attention to the skills of applicants.The relevant education, work experience for the staff of the hotel will be a major binding.No need to take guard or janitor former factory watchman, manner of communication and method of operation are fundamentally at odds with your expectations.As for the role of a waitress will not approach a woman who has worked for many years in the public dining room.

choosing staff, do not forget about face control.Keep in mind that almost all of your employees are in varying degrees, to chat with the visitors of the hotel, so the staff should always look appropriately.This does not mean that you should only select models, but a decent and neat appearance attendants will be pleasant to each client.

We all know that there is a classification of human psycho.People are different, and choosing a specific person for a specific job, you should always pay attention to its psycho.Phlegmatic is perfect for the role of the guard, but, for example, the cook should be fast and efficient.Of course, unbalanced applicants and people "weirdo" in no case should not fall into the list of employees of the hotel.

In recent years, many firms began to check for stress resistance.This procedure is not required, but in some cases it helps to make the right choice.And the challenger otnesshiysya with loyalty to this kind of testing, once again to convince the leadership of the correctness of his choice.Chambermaids, waiters and security guards often contingency, so picking up the employees at these places should be possible to learn more about their stress.

So, pick staff for the hotel usually charge to employees of the personnel department, but not every hotel has a department.If you do not have cadres, you can contact the companies involved in the selection of personnel.These firms carry out the selection of qualified applicants for any position.There are also agencies that specialize in the hospitality business, they will be able to more intelligently choose the right employees to you.