How to prepare pear jam with lemon

Love jam and do not know how to do it?Here are some recipes on how to cook pear jam with lemon.This sweet treat is a good treat for tea and excellent filling for pies.

Pear jam with lemon

For this recipe you will need:

  • kilogram of pears;
  • kilogram of sugar sand;
  • one lemon;
  • glass of water.

Of course, we all know that most of the jam is cooked in large quantities for the preservation of the banks.So do not be confused by the small proportion of the recipe.You will always be able to increase them in line with the number of pears, which are planning to recycle.Preference was given to a firm and ripe fruits.

preparation technology

Pears Wash, remove the peel them, remove the seeds and cut into large (2-4 parts) pieces.Lemon wash and dip in boiling water for a few seconds.Then cut into circles.Remove bones.After that, pour the lemon slices with boiling water, cook about 3 minutes.Broth drain it and sprinkle in sugar.Little Cook - you should have a sugar syrup.The container, which will cook t

he jam, put cups lemon, pear pieces.Pour the fruit syrup.Hold them for an hour, then put on a minimum level of fire and cook until until the pear slices do not become transparent.Ready pear jam with lemon lay on banks that should be pre-sterilized.Roll up and place the lids to cool.

Pear jam with lemon and grape

This recipe requires you ingredients such as:

  • sweet light grapes (seedless raisins) - about 200 grams;
  • lemon or orange;
  • 1-1,1 kg of sugar sand;
  • 2/3 (about 150 grams) of water;
  • kilograms of pears.

preparation technology

Pears needed again ripe, but firm.According to your taste you can substitute lemon orange.And you can put both the fruit.Wash the pears, cut them into halves or quarters, remove the core.After the fruit is cut into smaller slices.Grapes wash and rinse in a colander.Prepare the syrup.For a small number can take a pot of stainless steel.Fill it with water and put it 600 grams of sugar sand.Place the saucepan on the tiles, the fire should be moderate.Stir the mixture must reach a boil.Once the sugar has dissolved, the syrup begins to boil.That's when he put in the pears and grapes.Boil stopped - you can turn up the heat.After the jam boil again, cook it for about 10 minutes.Pour the remaining sugar and cook another hour.Do not forget to stir.Now it's time to put in a saucepan with the lemon or orange fruit.For the best of secretion lemon roll it on the table.Cut off the top of him, the flesh pierce several times with a knife - the juice will go better.Squeeze it in a pan.If you are afraid that the fall seeds, squeeze juice into a separate container first, and then change for the pears and grapes.With lemon jam should simmer for about 10 minutes.Prepare cans and lids.Now you can pour pear jam with lemon and grapes on the banks.

Pear jam in multivarka

You will need:

  • pound of ripe pears and solid;
  • pound of sugar sand;
  • lemon;
  • half cup of plain water.

preparation technology

pears clean, remove core.Cut the fruit into slices.Lay in a bowl Multivarki.Sprinkle with sugar.Cut the lemon into cups or slices, put a pear.Pour water.Close the lid.Set the program "Bake."Time - 20 minutes.This is followed by the program "quenching."Time - 1 hour.Once the jam is ready, you can lay it on the banks.