Men suits for wedding: suit, classic, tuxedo

Wedding - one of the happiest days in the life of man.On this day, it seems, all desires come true, the future seems bright and cloudless, and the only problem is the question of where to buy men's wedding suit and wedding dress of the bride.There are a thousand words that describe this day: enthusiastic, pompous or simple, but filled with deep meaning, but they all mean one thing - a wedding celebration is remembered forever.And to those memories were pleasant, all this day to be perfect, and above all, the bride and groom outfits.

Women wedding dresses and men's suits for a wedding for a long time and carefully chosen, selected in accordance with the style of celebration and personal preferences.But if the dress of the bride are requirements of beauty and originality, the appearance of the bride must be strict, elegant and, most importantly, convenient and practical.Starting with the choice of attire should be the definition of the style that allows the groom on his holiday to look masculine, attrac

tive and feel comfortable - both physically and emotionally, that exciting time of marriage is especially important.Men's wedding fashion involves several types of costumes:

- suit rigorous, classical, dark tones, complete with white shirt and tie, black-and-white or silver-gray.Very often, such a suit jacket is complemented by a light gray jacket, necessarily - black socks and shoes, and a white shawl, the edge of which is to look out from the breast pocket of his jacket.The color scheme can be complemented by an original decor - understated ornamentation on the vest, tie and scarf.It should be remembered that color decorative ornament should be combined with the tone of the suit;

- tuxedo, which is a fashionable evening jacket in black, with a classic collar, or so-called "shawl" and lapels, trimmed with silk or satin.Pants in a tuxedo should be trimmed with silk braid on the outer seam.There is also a tuxedo selected soft white shirt with double cuffs and a hidden shelf.These elegant men's suits for a wedding can be complemented pique vest (required white) or wide satin (sometimes - silk) belt.Instead of a tie is better to use "butterfly", which should be combined with a belt and a handkerchief in his breast pocket, and shoes to choose the only black;

- suit - the most solemn version of the wedding dress.This kind of suit has always been considered the most elegant and ceremonial, since the XIX century, when to wear it for any celebration was good manners, and to the present day.Tailcoat suit is a special breed of black crepe - short in front, in the back with a narrow and long tails.The lapels of his coat trimmed with matte silk, which closes these flaps either completely or decorate their half of the loop.To show a snow-white shirt, buttoned coats are not, such as men's suits to complement the wedding should be a stand-up collar, snap-on, pique waistcoat, "butterfly" or a classic tie.The only condition - except for socks, shoes and cylinder (always black), all the other accessories must be white.

matter what suit is selected, there are several conditions that it must meet.Firstly, any suit should be at the time, to emphasize the shape and be comfortable.Secondly, attention should be paid to the jacket - Bride of low growth can not be selected or extended volume thing, because in this way the visual growth is further reduced.The ideal solution - classic men's suit for the wedding, as they are the best way underline the dignity of the figure, skillfully concealing imperfections.Third, the length of pants should reach the middle of the back of the shoe to be ironed suitable size.