Various shoes 2011

fashion - the lady is very changeable.Today, it dictates strict traditions and conditions, and tomorrow will provide scope for the designer fantasies.Gone in her is impossible, no matter how hard you try, just as it is impossible to guess what will be fashionable next season.To find out which shoes are fashionable this year, you should look at the fashion trends of the past two years - presented to the court customer-mods Shoes 2011 largely repeats its main directions, which, of course, it does not indicate a lack of originality, or lack of zest.

First of all it should be noted that at the peak of capricious and volatile fashion will be on a high platform shoes (during the summer) and the same boots and boots (in winter).Heel must necessarily be thin and tall, although it is permissible and wedge-sole, but often designers are experimenting with a compromise version.

very interesting choice of decoration, which is different from the shoes 2011 models previous seasons.It should be noted that the more

diverse and original items will be decorated with summer shoes (using inserts of fur and reptile skin, a variety of colors and especially fashionable lace), while the fall and winter version will be much more modest.However, each designer solves this problem in a way as it tells a fantasy, so in some collections, you can see the exquisite shoes classic design, concise and rigorous, with a minimum of decoration in the form of lacing.

As mentioned, shoes 2011 very often decorated with lace or imitation, and similarly decorated with all models, starting with the summer shoes and sandals, winter boots ending.In a particular case, the lacing is just exquisite detail, decor element, not a way of fixing.

True fashionistas this season, look at the lovely and varied shoes with open toe - not only in the traditional shoes, but shoes and autumn.Also at the peak of popularity right now are boots by different designers with high heels and original cut toe.Lovers of beautiful and expensive things, but stable and comfortable, no doubt, will find something of interest in the collections of summer shoes with low square heel, autumn-winter boots, the popular "fur boots" or elegant boots low heels.Interesting and practical white sneakers will also be high, which gives preference to all fashionable youths.

Classic remains consistently attractive is not the first year in a row, so this year, many well-known designers devote their best collection.You can choose an attractive and comfortable shoes from the Costello Tagliapietra, provided with an interesting heel - thick at the base and tapering down.Popularity does not cease to use not too ornate shoes and boots with high heels and thin - is their shoes 2011 by Isaac Mizrahi and Moschino.

Another interesting trend of modern fashion shoes - unusual design (often very complex) in its upper part.Shoes, sandals, lace ballet flats, clogs, boots, ankle boots and boots decorated with all kinds of straps, laces and shroud designs that add harmony and legs emphasize their elegance.Originality and color, which is used by designers in the current fashion season: popular are, first of all, all kinds of half-tones and shades of red - from bright scarlet to crimson.These colors are used to create models of their famous creators Via Spiga, Jerome C. Roussau and Raphael Young.

In general, we can say that this year's fashion is very different shoes - for different tastes and interests.The main condition - the original decorations and attractive color, especially in summer models, which are designed to demonstrate the brilliance, originality and freshness of its owner.