Fashion handbags spring summer 2011

Each year, designers please us gorgeous new products, and in 2011 could not be an exception.Despite the fact that the fashion trends this summer, can not boast of originality compared to previous seasons, some things deserve special attention, such as fashion handbags spring summer 2011. This year, the fashion back bright and bold design, while in previous years the preferenceIt is given to classic shapes and colors, but also on the classics this summer declined by no means all - after all, it is eternal.

This season is very popular bags, purses.It's okay if a handbag is not fit all: often they are sold in a pair with a bigger bag of the same shape and color, so you need to bring the two - a pair is the best way meet the latest trends.Optionally purchase a set - you can pick up a big bag to the existing small or vice versa.

Fashionable bags spring-summer 2011 may also have a rectangular shape or trapezoid shape, but our favorite last year model with rounded corners still remain.Dimensions as in any

of the recent seasons, can be absolutely any - from small to large clutches beach bags and shopping bags.

Particular attention should be paid to colors: fashionable handbags spring-summer 2011 is much brighter than its predecessors, but preference is given to even saturated, but mostly natural colors, whether it's the color of young foliage, sunset sun, ripe cranberries or azure sky.Solid bags are not as popular as the products made from a combination of two or more contrasting colors.The main trends are animal prints and geometric designs.

The materials can be used any, from classical to ethnic skin straw - freedom of imagination of designers are not limited here.The texture of the skin in this season emphasized natural, especially relevant effects crocodile or snakeskin.Used as decoration as a variety of techniques and materials: this can be a long fringe, applique, embroidery thread, ribbons or sequins, natural decorations such as shells, patterning by hand and much more - it all depends on what style made handbag.As hardware traditionally used metal functional elements, and, this year, at the peak of the popularity of chains: they can be equipped with any bags, whether or tiny evening bag clutch bag ladies.

What fashionable handbags spring summer 2011 is the most popular?The correct answer is - beautiful and stylish, even if this bag purse on the belt.This year presents a large number of business models, large bags for shopping and various clutches.Despite the fact that this season preferred geometric shapes and patterns, bags, sacks remain at its peak.The most fashionable are perhaps the bag on long thin straps or chains.

In fact, the main thing that makes the bag a beautiful - is not so much its full compliance with the latest trends as how well it is suited to the wardrobe, and, of course, is how it looks neat.This means that it is not necessary to run for a new bag if the remaining from last season is ideal for most of your things and perfectly preserved - today fashion trends do not change with such incredible speed, falling into the terrible extremes as it was ten yearsback, so actually all that is right for you.But who said that the new bag will prevent, even if it does not need?After all, according to the overwhelming majority of us, extra bags as an extra shoe just does not happen.