Beading and bead bracelets

woman would not have been, perhaps, a woman, had her almost from the cradle not attracted all sorts of jewelry.Beads has a special magic power for the perception of a woman's imagination.It attracts young girls simple and uncomplicated Baubles and socialite luxurious beaded jewelry, giving each its individuality and charm.

Beaded Bracelets, necklaces and necklaces have long entered the woman's life, and it all started a long time ago.

since prehistoric times came to us samples of beads carved from bone or stone.For several millennia BCin Syria and then in Lebanon began to produce artisanal beads, which were regarded in those times amulets.The Phoenicians established a trading exchange beads that spread throughout the Mediterranean.

In Mesopotamia, wearing beads were a sign of wealth and high social status.In Egypt, learned to manufacture beads by fusing glass mass into pieces of quartz, they cost quite expensive, and the Pharaohs wore them, set in gold, as amulets, bracelets of beads had not yet b

een invented.

most significant venue for beads later became Venice.Beads has been used for the production of beads.There was a corporation masters for the production of beads and colored beads.Machinery manufacturing appeared in the early 19th century, began to develop beadwork.Bracelets and pendants, purses, embroidered with colored glass and pads, buckle and brush - all in demand by dandies and ladies of past centuries.

In the late 19th century beadwork noticed artists of Art Nouveau and the technique of weaving bracelets and other jewelry of all kinds swept the world.Beaded dismissed the women's clothing and home furnishings, handbags and elegant shoes.Beading gradually entered into a number of creative crafts and thousands needlewomen around the world began to study the art of interesting decorations.

in Russian fashion, this came later, but settled down and struck deep roots.This is due to the fact that Russian women are always doing crafts, and a new type of creativity quickly they could carry away, adding Russian ethnic motifs in this kind of creativity.When the enthusiasm for this kind of art was in his prime, he was decorated with almost everything: albums, boxes, purses, pouches and pens.It was used for the manufacture of fireplace screens, upholstery for furniture and desktop items.

Nowadays the technique of weaving of colored beads was divided into two areas: first - a small decorations, such as beaded bracelets, necklaces, chains, ties.And second, no less prevalent direction - are large parts of the interior, such as wall panels.With beads convey the beauty of nature in the form of flowers, trees, landscapes and other images.

Connoisseurs products from beads say the beads have a certain magic and products created seemingly simple connection of colored glass pieces using a needle and thread, enchant the soul for many years.

In America, this kind of creative artists called bead artists.It's really artists, masters of their craft who create masterpieces of small colored beads and pieces of leather, cloth, stone, metal fittings and so on.There are masters in this art form from many countries, such as the Karen Paust, Ed Bloom, Margot Field.

Beaded Bracelets, necklaces and necklaces are now creating many Russian masters of this remarkable trend in the works.Their work is different and femininity and elegance, and unbridled imagination and rigorous style of folk and ethnic basis.Beads are still mostly imported from Europe.Needlework, before starting to create his masterpiece, carefully suited to the choice of material, It is very important that the product, which may subsequently become a masterpiece, has not lost its original appearance for many years or even decades.