How to draw a table: Step by step instructions

your baby became interested in painting interiors, trying to depict the building, and are in their furniture?But perhaps at the first attempt, he can not do things, "three-dimensional".Try to deal with your child how to draw a table, using the instructions provided, and the sketches created stages.The knowledge gained will help your child in the future, when you want to draw something like that.

first phase: sketching

To understand how to draw a table, you must first look at the reality of the surrounding objects.Note property distancing some parts in space.Considering it is possible to make the drawing more believable.

1. Start with the outlines of the two lines on a sheet coming from the two upper corners and meet at the bottom.You will receive the first legs of the table base.

2. Pull back on the left diagonally at a distance equal to the width of the table (the base of the second leg).Draw a line from that point in the direction of the right edge.

3. Pull back on the right diagonal at a d

istance equal to the length of the table (the base of the third leg).Draw a line from that point in the direction of the left edge.

4. Place the intersection of the two dotted lines to the bottom edge of the fourth leg.

5. Swipe up from all the resulting bastings equal length dash equal to the height of the object.

6. Continue according picture 2. As a result, get a box from which you can simulate a table of any shape.

The second stage: the shadow clearance

To figure was more realistic, it is necessary to issue it in a "light" solution.This means that all sides of the object will have a different shading.This is what you need to pay special attention to learning how to draw a table with a pencil in stages.The photo shows the three symbols:

- oblique hatching - coloring of faces facing the light;

- cross-hatching - toning shadow side.

not forget to apply the rule for coloring surfaces not only the front legs, and back.

third stage: specify silhouette

deciding how to draw a table, the baby must take into account one more obligatory moment.For a harmonious way of a piece of furniture must fully match the style already established furniture.Oddly enough the neighborhood will look elegant chairs with thin legs and too massive other items.But to start learning drawing the usual table would be sufficient to ensure that the child has mastered the presented technique, drawing, for example, chairs, cabinets, and so on. D. Having learned from this example how to draw a table in stages, do not forget to conclude remove all the dotted lines,and permanent make clearer.Well, sketch ready!Perhaps you only decorate the table vase with flowers, and the image will look completely finished.

certain proposed instructions on how to draw a table, help the child to present images as three-dimensional objects and portray on paper the different parts of the interior.