How to draw a pencil moose?

Elk inhabit the forests of the Northern Hemisphere.Sometimes it can be seen in the forest.In Europe moose live in Central Russia, in the north of Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland, a lot of them in Belarus and Scandinavia.Yet these animals are found in Canada, in the Northeastern United States and Alaska.For centuries, they attract people's attention.Image elk found even on the walls of ancient caves.Prongs - so call it in the nation.Huge horns noble posture, relaxed pace of animal - all this attracts contemporary artists.We also try to figure out how to draw a moose.It seems complicated at first glance.

Features animal

Before draw elk phased consider its expressive appearance.Elk male larger than female.Its height can reach 2.4 meters and the length of the body is usually about three meters.Short neck, high withers, long legs - the characteristics of elk.By the way, his nickname, he is obliged to ensure that the horns are similar to a plow.Those who decided to learn how to draw elk horns shoul

d pay special attention.Other features of the animal: hook-nosed snout, massive upper lip, large and spaced apart ears.

Getting Started.How to draw a pencil moose?

1. To begin, make a pencil markings.It is not necessary to press the tool too hard, after all auxiliary lines we have to remove.We draw three roughly the same square - this is the body and neck.Head almost triangular, it towers over the little square neck.

2. elk gives the body a rounded shape.Detailing his head.Mark up the legs - in length, they are approximately equal to the height of the body.

3. We represent massive horns.They go far beyond the line of the neck.Drawn face: eyes, ears.On the neck of the animal hanging from a thick paint coat.

4. How to draw elk neat?For this, we have agreed not to press too hard on the pencil that was not difficult to remove eraser marking line.Carefully remove them and proceed to the application of shadows.The deepest impose long legs, bottom of the neck, horns.Hooves moose hide in the grass.

What else can be done drawing?

very interesting effect can be achieved by making the same pattern is not a simple pencil and charcoal, sanguine, black gel toothpaste.It will have to be more careful when applying markings to a pencil mark is not left in the figure.

option for the youngest artists

course, complex sketch, as described above, not everyone can do.Emerging artists should try something easier.For example, to portray here this moose in the picture below.

With this task to handle even a preschooler.Of course, the kid will have to help and suggest how to draw elk.To do this you need to draw a big circle in which to place the oval smaller.On the face to draw eyes and large nostrils.Big horns will add a resemblance to a real beast.Moose hoof - not forget about this when you create a drawing.That's all!It remains only to paint the animal pens or colored pencils.