It is important to every parent to know when to baptize the newborn

Despite the massive spread of atheism in the Soviet era, in today's world, more and more people are returning to religion.Most of the population of Russia preaches orthodoxy, so many believers are wondering when to baptize the newborn.Typically, this is done on the fortieth day of the birth of the baby.Why this time?All this time the woman is considered "unclean", and it is forbidden to enter the temple.In exceptional cases, you can carry out the rite of 8 days after the birth of a baby, for example, if he is seriously ill.Before that, the mother of the child should read a special prayer, after which it will be allowed to enter the temple.

What do I need to bring to the church?

But it is important to know not only when to baptize the newborn, but also how to prepare for this rite.For the parents of a baby christening ceremony godparents chosen him, whose main task - to accompany his godson in the spiritual formation.Godparents should be aware of the important prayers and beliefs, their main task is

a retelling of the highlights of the Bible.According to church canons of the child shall be a godparent (the boy - a man, a girl - woman), but has long had a tradition to pick a couple of parents - the godfather and mother.Most often, this "family" is a pair of couple of close friends.Do not choose random people who will fulfill their role only formally.

To be godparents?

Before asking a question, when he baptized the newborn, it is better to choose the candidacy of godparents.It is necessary to immediately identify who they just can not be.First of all - it is the parents themselves.The second - atheists or people of other faiths.Also important, and moral character of the future godfather and mother.They should not use drugs, drink alcohol, lead promiscuous.All this testifies to the frailty of people.Such parents will not be able to teach his pupil anything good.

when he baptized the newborn?

The answer is simple: forty days after the birth of the baby.But it is not important.Some parents do not carry out this ritual, leaving the child in the future the right to choose - to come to the faith or not.Others want to leave the process of baptism at a conscious age of the child.

How is baptism?

Now you know when they baptize the newborn.But how the ceremony itself?The child the priest reads the prayer, his special lubricating oil.Then the baby three times dipped in holy water.After that, the child is given a new name.Most often it is called in honor of the saint whose feast falls on the day of the christening.This date is considered the second birthday.Apart from the fact that you need to know when to baptize the newborn, how the ritual, you need to take some things.This is primarily a pectoral cross and a large towel (or sheet).You will also need a birth certificate.It is understood that baptism - this mystery, so it contains only the parents and godparents.

Baptism - a little holiday!

Optionally, you can celebrate the completion of the rite of church canons - is not prohibited.At the birthday party to give gifts as a birthday present.Sometimes godparents pay ritual - it is their gift to students.The rest of the people can donate toys for the baby or household items.