Holiday eternal life - Ascension

Ascension Day - one of the most respected holidays established by the Orthodox Church.He said on the fortieth day after Easter and its symbolic value is close to the most holy Resurrection.

During his stay among the living Christ had no time to prove the miraculous character of the events of Holy Week.And then, as now, people were inclined to doubt the veracity of the events described in the New Testament Gospels later.Nobody knew Jesus better than his mother and disciples.He devoted much time to communicate with them, understand their human nature.The aim of the joint meals and conversations to convince them that it's - he and no one else, who was executed, resurrected and became man.

However, after the resurrection of the Son of God has ceased to be an ordinary man of the earth, it was to their loved ones only for a while to explain to them how to preach the word of truth, guide them so far in Jerusalem is inseparable.Christ knew that his earthly days are numbered, and hastened to clarify the ess

ence of the Christian teaching of the apostles correctly told him, preaching the nations.

Ascension took place on the Mount of Olives, that on the way from Jerusalem to Bethany.As shown by the questions asked by the students, they were partly in error with respect to the great mission of his teacher sent to the earth for the salvation of all mankind.Apostles inquired about the restoration of the kingdom of Israel, that is a fairly local problem, while the holy doctrine of Christ must prevail throughout the world.On this and said to Jesus: he called them to testify about it in Jerusalem, Samaria, Judea, and in all countries and lands.

Then there was the Ascension.He raised his hands and went to heaven, sat down at the right hand, that is to the right of the Heavenly Father.More doubts about the divine origin of the Son of God was not.But Christ has not left us, inhabitants of the earth, and showed the way to the kingdom of heaven - paradise - for all people who live on this sinful earth.Ascension was a kind of bridge between the earthly and heavenly life, and prove the immortality of the soul, its infinite existence.Jesus himself did everything in his earthly life, to convince his beloved humanity in the correctness of his sermons.He sacrificed for the sake of all that can only put on the altar of faith living in the land of people.

Feast of the Ascension of the Lord shall all the faithful hope of salvation and consolation to all the bereaved, have lost their loved ones.As Christ said that preparing his disciples to a place beside him, and every Orthodox Christian knows that his separation from loved ones who left this earthly world is temporary, but in the heavenly life awaits him communion with them.As Jesus keeps all practicing his teachings, so the righteous are predstatel every person before the Creator.

In 2013 came the great feast of June 13.Ascension is celebrated according to astronomical measurements, and the date is linked to the day of the Holy Resurrection.On this day, church services is beautiful and solemn, read Troparion, Kontakion, and glorification, and people pray for the strength necessary for overcoming sin and reaching the kingdom of heaven.