Industrial Smokehouse.

Industrial smokehouse.

Smoking as the production process, providing quite a load, in contrast to the "home" sizes smoked specialties to the table - the processing of food with a mixture of smoke and air to achieve bacterial and antioxidant effects.This ready-made smoked painted in a light - yellow - brown color, and the products themselves acquire specific piquant taste and smell of smoking.The dynamic adsorption of components of smoke fume top smoky natural product and its subsequent diffusion into the interior (due to the difference) is the process of smoking.Spent time difference results in the need for convenient types and models smokehouses and smoking chambers (devices).

Technical parameters of smoking devices.

for sale a wide range of smoking-cooking (drying) cameras and devices with different design features.Which industrial smokehouse happen?Thus, smoke - cooking chamber.Universal smoking-cooking chambers "KTD" (Alexandrov, Vladimir region), in a large range (calculation on the produc

tion volume of the original product).Good option for a small business (then the acquisition of mid - market price will save the budget of a small business).Acceptable expensive equipment operating efficiently.Variations models by the presence of frames, that is with the load: one - 100, 250, 300 kg, two frames - 500 kg.In the presence of either steel or composite (outer layer of carbon steel, stainless steel and inside).Good opportunity for all, an assembly chamber "for the customer."Standard features include: automatic control system, pipes, smoke generators and dymoohladiteli frames, they can be supplied separately and the piece.Versatility is the heat treatment, and meat and poultry, fish, cheese and sausage, there are "hot" and "cold" smoking.

Common modes of work processes.

valves (dampers) and smoke water supply (supply and regulation) in the camera is not automated.Properly processing before the process is adjustable set data controller.Smoke-cooking chambers "ktomu."They are from the Nizhny Novgorod region.They differ releases variants of load on the frame - 100kg, and an additional 300 kg."Ktomu - 100" - carbon steel, and the second embodiment 300 kg - and steel, and a mixed form.The models - the overall automatic control, piping, smoke generators and dymoohladiteli combined into one unit - the system.The automatic control system itself controls the temperature inside the humidity, cooking time.

Heat chambers of the Moscow production of "KOH".

stainless steel, in addition, on request, equipped with a cooling system of smoke (for the "cold" of smoking).The standard model is for a "hot" smoking.Loading: a model for one frame 150 kg, 300 kg two frames (KOH-10), three 450 kg (KOH-15) and four 600 kg (KOH-20).The more expensive cost than previously described model.The competitiveness of more advanced automation, which increases the "proficiency".

little more.

Smokehouse designed to determine the load capacity of raw materials.It depends on their cost.Get yourself a smokehouse need to once again think about whether you need a table of dishes for home, family and guests, or have the opportunity to become the master of your own earnings.Read delve, choose.Consult with experts.Everything happens at the right choice.Smoking device.