How to stick with their own hands

Each event in the life of any person is accompanied by meetings with family and friends and, of course, exchange of souvenirs and gifts, but not everyone can buy the necessary number of gifts.Not to leave anyone unattended in such cases, it is best to use your imagination and make stick his hands.

To do this you need all three tools: wire cutters, pliers and tongs.It should be immediately noted that without these tools you can not do, and exactly how to use each of them will be described below.You must also be prepared to trinket jewelry.This may be decorative beads or stones.

To make the key with your hands, you should take the usual key ring, of any form, and a small chain of small ring that will connect both sides of the transmitter.Next, with the help of pliers, disconnect the small ring, pass him a chain, and with the help of pliers, put a small ring with a chain on a large key ring.

Next to stick with his hands turned out beautiful, take the decorative stones with holes already made and indi

vidually Pass through the nail.Make sure that the hole in the stone does not slip cap nail, and then you run the risk of losing it.The hole should not be too wide nor narrow.Further, it should catch the edge of the nail with pliers, which emerges from the stone, and tighten it to the side to get an angle of approximately 90 degrees.It should leave a tail the size of 1cm, and everything else is cut by the same pliers.If the nails that you use, not tiny, do not rush to throw scraps, they will in the future may come in handy.

then do a loop.To do this, take the pliers, hold the tail and scroll it up, until it converges with the end of the beginning.Make it would be pretty easy.These loops we connect the stones together and they cling to the ring.To make a keychain with their hands was more original, do the same things with beads.

If stones and beads are not very large, then a string of carnations can be 2-3 pieces, alternating between them.We get very nice.When will each ornament will have its fastening, we can safely say that most of the work done.You're making a very little, and you will see how to make a keychain with their hands, so that he turned out no worse than the acquisition of store.Next

every detail with fastening should attach to each link of the chain.To stick to look more colorful, for each link in the chain is best to mount two pebble from the different parties.To do this, carefully slide the edge of the mounting pliers and thread through the chain.If done properly, the resulting structure will hold fast, even if you will strongly shake the keys.Try to allocate each bead or stone evenly.Alternate small stones with large, giving a symmetrical shape keyring.

If you do not know how to make a keychain with your hands, and do not have the above ornaments, you can just use pieces of skin that are lying around in the box with unnecessary things.To do this, cut the skin into 5-6 pieces of different shapes.Trinkets made of leather with their hands will look beautiful if every piece of material you will add a unique shape.Then sew colorful thread pearl buttons of different shapes.Unlike beads and stones, pieces can be joined together as by threads or small rings to impart greater strength.Next, these items carefully to cling to the chain and put on a key ring.That's all, just what you have done keychains leather with their hands.You can use and wear with pleasure yourself or present your friends as a souvenir.