Products made of salt dough

soft and delicate dough - it is very pliable and wonderfully plastic material from which to sculpt all kinds of products.From salt dough prepared various ornaments, toys, jewelry and many others. It does not leave dirty traces on the hands, unlike other materials used in the modeling.Since it is necessary to work carefully and treated carefully, because it is very brittle material.

Since ancient times, known to test the characteristics of plastic.Products made of salt dough molded by our ancestors.It had all kinds of figurines of animals and birds.With fashioned from salt dough figurines larks greeted the coming of spring.Gingerbread salted "Roe" and bagels gave on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with friends and family, birthdays and a sign of respect and love.Products made of salt dough served as toys for children.

If you delve a bit into the history before it was just a pastry that is baked in the form of figures, which are attributed to the ritual significance.They were associated with grain a

nd bread and were part of the culture of the Slavic peoples.According to these figures, and bake in the rites of spring, winter holidays, weddings.They were offered as a gift with the wishes of health and prosperity, luck and wealth.

Products from salt dough, the art of making them, survived to the present day.This is a great activity for children, which performs not only an entertaining but also improves the motor skills of hands, indirectly contributing to the development of intelligence.Sculpting figurines such a pleasure not only children but also adults.Beautiful made figurines with their own hands - a great souvenir.

Christmas toy from the salty test is very nice on the Christmas tree.It is necessary to draw a little imagination and simple mushrooms, apples and leaves will decorate the Christmas tree.If you are a craftsman, you can make more complex options: figures of people, animals, trees, and a variety of compositions.

to work with a material such as dough, you do not need any additional expensive tools and special tools.Your hands, imagination and a pair of primitive tools - that's all you need.

to work you will need: flour, salt (which is only used to protect against harmful insects or rodents).Also, you will need: water, brush, knife, board, rolling pin, toothpicks and paint.In addition, small scissors handy and chesnokodavka.Can be useful and various beads, peas and others. Ornaments for decorating products.

To prepare the dough you need to take salt and flour in equal parts, and one part water, and cook a plastic bag in which to store the dough.

Christmas toy from the salty test, you can sculpt three-dimensional and flat.The main thing is that they are not too heavy, as tree branches can break under their weight.Do not forget prodelyvat holes in them for sewing, otherwise you will not be able to hang.After molding, the figures obtained should be dried in the oven and once they have cooled, they can be colored to your liking.

looks Lovely jewelry from salted dough.In order to look stylish at the height of the summer season, not necessarily to buy expensive jewelry.A little patience, and you can create colorful necklaces, bracelets or any other decoration.

Costume jewelery from salt dough can be supplemented with a variety of accents, beads, ribbons.In the course can go flour pasta, buttons, shells and more that there is in your home, or you bear with a walk out of the park.Do not forget that the natural material has always looked interesting in jewelry.Crescents, stars, balls - all that you want to see in their decoration, really create their own hands.