A simple alteration of clothing

probably impossible to find a man who looks at things a wardrobe filled with anguish does not think that he had nothing to wear.This problem is most people are concerned.And if you're one of them, it's time to do fascinating business under the name "alteration of clothing."

The sales season is quite difficult to keep from buying another T-shirts, jackets, shoes or a pair of jeans.Making such an impulsive purchase, we almost do not think about, with what we will be wearing the twenties in a row with black shoes and why we Fifteen pink blouse.In our closets accumulate heaps of disposable gowns and similar shoes.

spattered jeans and can not wash out or became fashionable T-shirt with floral print and sequins?Do not rush to the store for purchase.Open your treasured wardrobe.There you will find everything you need.It takes a simple alteration of clothes, a little decorative materials and great imagination.

First we need to go through all the things and leave only those that look on your figure perfect

ly satisfy you with their appearance and are constantly in the process of socks.All other without much regret retracted.Of these, we will be tinkering and new clothes "haute couture".Alteration of clothes with their own hands will bring you a lot of fun and will cause jealousy girlfriends, because this outfit they can not buy in any boutique.Let us consider each type of clothing separately.


  • land a spot that can not wash out?Get help from a variety of decorative items from the sewing store.You can sew on a place or a bright Libo Decal.If you have drawing skills using the acrylic paints, apply to this place drawing.Then iron the picture hot iron through the cloth.Now you can easily carry and wash, your drawing will remain in place.
  • It's a shame when your favorite corduroy trousers wiped off the hips of socks.Correct this defect is very simple.Locate the elegant lace in tone.Cut out of a decorative shape and position in random order on the trouser leg, hiding scrapes.Sew the lace by hand.You can embroider it with beads or sequins.
  • dripped paint pants?No problem!Lay them on film a few times and sprinkle colored paint.Allow to dry, turn and repeat the procedure.No one would guess that you did it yourself.Such alteration of clothing to your taste.Want
  • new summer jeans?No problems!Take any old thin jeans and sew the side seams of a beautiful wide lace using a zigzag stitch.You can be positioned on the trouser leg several decorative leaves or flowers from lace, nastrachivaya of the contour.Now we have to turn pants inside out and nail scissors cut jeans under lace.


  • If fashion shiny finish clothes and all your shirts and T-shirts with a simple one-color or printed, then get to work.You will need paetki gel with glitter, colorful beads, glass beads, or a decorative braid.Take T-shirt with a flower on his chest.Soaps paint streaks on a flower.Using them as a guide, sew along the contour of the flower and the data lines of beads.No more clothing alteration is not required, because you will be in the hands of a fashionable T-shirt.
  • If you are somewhere caught and torn T-shirt, then he made it a few notches, you can turn it into a fashionable mesh thing.


  • Cut old jeans flirt and sew it to the shuttle from any tissue.Get a new skirt.
  • You have a beautiful skirt of plain material, but it bothered you?Find a lace fabric or mesh in tone.Sew out of her bag and put on an old skirt.

Such modifications clothes on the shoulder, even for beginners.It does not require special skills and will not take much time.Just do not hold your imagination and get designer clothes almost free!