Ukrainian Football Championship 2013: Financial problems overtook All

very interesting and rich in different events is the winter season in the Ukrainian Premier League.However, these events are not always among the pleasant.

For example, recently, some media reported about the financial problems of a whole group of clubs at the highest domestic division such as: Volyn (Lutsk), Tavria (Simferopol) Kryvbas (Kryvyi Rih), Arsenal (Kyiv).There was even talk that some of these clubs will not be able to continue its participation in the spring phase of the championship.However, if the financial situation in Lutsk and Krivoy Rog remained more or less stable and the club has promised to at least finish the rest of the season, as will be seen, from the camp of Simferopol and Kiev citizens come more disturbing news.Owners of both clubs want to sell their profitable but worthy customers can not find.President Arsenal Vadim Rabinovich, in an interview admitted that he could no longer contain a command with such a large budget, moreover, all his efforts and promotions to attract fan

s to the stadium failed.According to him, if not followed by support from the Kiev city government, or he does not find a new buyer is willing to dissolve the club.According to official information, Kiev team have already left 14 players and the head coach - Leonid Kuchuk.Among the players left the club: Yury Pankov, Eugene Borovik, Mr Field, Alexander Kovpak captain Maksim Shatskikh.Here in this difficult financial position appeared Ukrainian football championship 2013. Not much better situation in the Tavria Simferopol.In the camp of the first champion of Ukraine refused to comment on the situation, but the fact that there is a financial crisis, proves at least that Crimeans did not go to the charges and were prepared at home.In football circles around Simferopol talking about a loss of interest to the club of its main investor - businessman Dmitry Firtash.There are rumors that soon the brand can buy Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, but they are true?

What happens next?- No one knows.But it is a shame that the crisis has covered precisely those clubs that have always been in good financial condition, and for many the news became very unexpected.Maybe it's just a rumor, although smoke is known to be without fire.I would like only to all of the above clubs have corrected their situation for the better and continue to delight us with their victories in the Premier League.

Ukrainian Football Championship 2013 winter season showed his obvious financial problems, and in some clubs.