Sociology of Conflict

With the development of society appear not only new scientific and technological achievement, but evolve and become more complex relationships between people.There are more types and kinds of conflicts that involve them more and more people, each of which has its own values ​​and interests.

Sociology conflict specializes in the study of complex situations in which the interests of the people are facing.The reasons for the collision may serve a variety of problems, for example, wealth, authority, personal relationships, etc.Conflicts cover absolutely all spheres of human life, all kinds and types of social relations and interaction between individuals in society.

studying the sociology of conflict actors and participants in the conflict, which serve individuals and social groups and entire organizations.Social conflict - a clash or confrontation of several participants of social relations, seeking to defend their own values, needs and interests.

conflict theory in sociology in the world is co

nsidered and studied for a long time.Major achievements in the study of this problem belongs to Lewis Coser, Ralf Dahrendorf and Kenneth Boulding.In Russia, the conflict sociology as a scientific discipline is applied has more character.On the basis of her research is only the first steps on a generalization of the problem, and begins the formation of scientific concepts.In connection with these still relevant is the need for understanding conflict as a social phenomenon with a view to rationalize and make it civilized forms.

Conflicts are an inevitable part of the development of society.Their essence is to defuse the emerging psychological tension between the parties participating.Conflicts mutually helping individuals to adapt and lead to positive changes in the development of problem situations.

The problem is that often social conflicts are open to negative, which leads to destabilization of the relationship violates the social community and harmonious relations in the team.

Conflictological trend in sociology looking for a way out of the negative effects of conflicts of interests in human society, as well as develops the techniques and methods of smoothing conflicts and translate them in a positive manner.

conflicts affect such areas of society as the economic, social, ethnic relations, and many others.In this regard there was a need classification these social phenomena.We have been allocated such a large group as a personal conflict (within the individual), interpersonal (between two or more people), intergroup (between social groups with conflicting interests), the conflict accessories (when an individual belongs to several competing groups), the conflict with the external environment (betweengroup and its social environment).

Social conflict can be divided into separate species, which characterize them in terms of occurrence of these motifs problematic contradictions.

confrontation a confrontation in a closed, passive form.It usually involves groups with opposing economic, political and social interests.

rivalry manifests itself in the form of the struggle for the recognition of certain personal achievements, creativity society or social group.The competition aims to achieve better positions in society.

Competition - is a separate type of relationship conflicts, the main purpose of which appears to benefit motive or even a very real profit.

In some subgroups of the sociology of conflict highlights the fight, debate, games and others.