Sociology of the Family Concepts

Sociology of the family - a branch of sociological knowledge.Learning the family as a complete social system based on kinship, marriage, or adoption, which brings people together by common life, mutual responsibility and mutual assistance.

concept of family in sociology has a distinctive feature, as social scientists study it, and as a social institution and as a small social group.It gives the family the opportunity to learn these forms of human otnoscheniya like marriage, parenthood, relationship.

Sociology of the Family identifies the structure and functions of the family, which has a complex layered structure that includes not only the number and composition of the generations, but also the social role, the position of each member.

nuclear family consists of a couple of parents and children who are dependent on them.Extended family includes in addition to the nuclear family and other relatives (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.).

Sociology of the family thus shares the concept of fam

ily and marriage.Marriage - a legal relationship of men and women in relation to each other and to the children.Historically forms of marriage are the following:

a) monogamy - one man and one woman;

b) polygamy - one man and several women (or one woman - a few men)

c) group marriage - a few men and a few women.

In today's society most developed monogamous marriage between a man and a woman based on love and personal choice.The role of family relations as a factor strengthening the family group and a social institution.

functions family sociology relates to the interests of society, the needs of the individual.

economic function is to ensure that members of the family livelihood, including the disabled and juvenile family members (children, the elderly, the disabled)

HOUSEHOLD function is related to the provision of personal services by family members to each other.Joint management of the economy strengthens the family relations.

reproductive function - the most important in social terms, as is voproizvodstve population, to satisfy the natural needs of the children.

educational function is aimed at education and socialization of the younger generation.

family performs the function of the primary social control, which consists in the knowledge of social norms, sanctions, the regulation of behavior.

function of spiritual communication ensures the satisfaction of the needs of the natural person and includes spiritual enrichment, moral responsibility, druzhestkie relationship.

social-status function is that the family provides its members a certain position in the structure of society, starting opportunities.

of leisure function is to organize and conduct free time all the members, the development of abilities.

emotional function also plays an important role in meeting the natural needs of family members, by providing psychological assistance and support.

family functions are interrelated, are integral structure, enriching each element of the system.

Sociology of the family and its studies are currently the most relevant, since there is a crisis in Russian Social intstitut family.Dramatically increased the number of families with an obvious disadvantage intrafamilial, in violation of the most important functions.Many families are not only functionally insolvent, but also have a clear anti-social orientation.The sharp increase in the number of children without parental care, divorce, alcoholism and anesthesia parents leads to disappointing statistics.