Oregano: benefits and harms.

nature of our region from time immemorial human dispensed medicinal plants.Huge benefits and a whole set of unique aromatic oregano different substances, the benefits and harms of which are well known to our ancestors.The mention of her scientists find in the writings of Hippocrates.

All we used to call it just oregano.Popularly styled motherboard or amulet, used in cooking as a spicy condiment.It has a spicy aroma and bitter taste.Oregano is impossible to imagine without a Mediterranean and Mexican dishes.Plant species in the world is about fifty.

This is a fairly tall plant, reaching a meter.Externally, the motherboard is like a small shrub with bright flowers bright purple color, exudes a pungent odor.Flowering can be observed from mid-July to late August.By the way, this is an excellent honey plant, loved by bees.

It should be noted that the plant is long-lived and reproduce in two ways: by dividing the bush, and seeds.It lends itself well to cultivation, so it can meet in many parts of the

world.But oregano is considered the birthplace of Asia and North America.Today, many types of shrub found in Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine (except for northern areas).

of chemicals

fragrant oregano, a photo which presents the material abounds in medicinal substances.Even modern pharmaceuticals officially recognized higher utility plant.From the dried material (leaves, flowers) manufactured alcohol and water tinctures, teas, brewed with fragrant teas.

Scientists have discovered as part of a large dose of vitamin K. His invaluable role in the body: it participates in the metabolism, responsible for building bone, for blood clotting, a functional work of the liver and kidneys.Different antibacterial and antioxidant properties motherboard.

As part found rosmarinic acid, which, according to scientists, struggling with malignant tumors.Like many herbs, oregano abounds in minerals.Reported rich set of iron, fiber and manganese.

During multiple clinical and laboratory studies, experts found that the essential oil of oregano and carvacrol substance exhibit antibacterial properties.They are capable of destroying pathogenic micro-organisms which have a high resistance to certain antibiotics.

Gift of Nature - a cure for ailments

Oregano, benefits and harms that are caused by chemical elements, it is considered an excellent source of ascorbic acid.A lot of vitamin C in fresh leaves.Alternative medicine has long appreciated the high therapeutic effects of this plant on the body.

In Russia it was brewed from medicinal drugs and used for rheumatic pains, cramps, indigestion, influenza, and gynecological diseases.Practitioners recommend the use of herbal teas and infusions as a sedative.Vegetable materials helps to eliminate tension, stimulate your appetite.

Preparations of motherboards have a slight sedative and carminative action.Use them in the pathology of the liver, biliary tract and any stage of bronchitis.Broth rinse proudly in inflammatory processes.Inside the reception shows people with high blood pressure.

packs and trays improve the condition of skin, relieve rashes, accelerate tissue regeneration and kill bacteria.In combination with other herbs, oregano helps normalize sleep.The fees prescribed for flatulence, cholecystitis, chronic constipation, enterocolitis, and coughing.

precautions and contraindications

benefits of a plant - is enormous, in that we saw.But it is also necessary to understand that any herb, and there are some restrictions on the application.An exception are not fragrant oregano.Benefits and harms - two rather thin concept.It is forbidden to use any drugs (herbal teas, infusions, food and beverages containing this seasoning) based motherboard during pregnancy.

According to doctors, oregano can cause miscarriage or uterine bleeding.Even at the early timing of gestation should abandon it.In addition to pregnancy, contraindications to its use is hypertension, ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, heart disease and blood vessels.

marjoram (photo in the article) in the treatment of: folk recipes

  1. In the absence of a menstrual cycle (not associated with pregnancy) can be prepared in the following extract: a spoonful of dry raw materials to brew in a glass of boiling water.Drink 50 grams.- Three times a day in the strained state.
  2. Warn epilepsy This infusion will help: 1.5 cups of boiling water to take two tablespoons herb.Insist, filter and drink during the day.Duration - 36 months.The tool can be used at elevated nervous excitability.
  3. case of violation of the stomach and intestinal peristalsis: per liter of boiling water, 30 gr.materials.Drink fluids throughout the day.


Pour boiling water (200 ml), 30 g.herbs and infuse for half an hour.Strain through cheesecloth and drink the resulting broth oregano before preparing for bed.

When constipation, bronchitis and cough

Stir in sunflower oil (500 mL), about 50 grams.motherboard.Capacity cover and leave room for eight hours.Take five drops (using a pipette) overnight.


chopped raw material (20 g.) To put in a cup of boiling water - to insist 20-25 minutes.Consumed 120 ml - before meals.Liquid necessarily strain.

drink cold

In winter, should strengthen the immune system and help in this tea with oregano.It is advised to drink a lot, even the doctor when they are sick.Brew grass should be like a normal tea - a few minutes.The kettle can be put onion, it has antimicrobial properties.To improve the taste - add honey.

Oregano: consumer reviews

With many plants managed to normalize health.According to people taking herbal infusions motherboard can quickly relieve tension and relax, especially after a hard day.Tea drink of oregano quenches thirst, relaxes and gives energy.The plant proved to be excellent as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.

use of compression is beneficial to the skin.And using mouthwash can quickly eliminate stomatitis and toothache.Many positive reviews earned oregano, benefit and harm from the plant is now become a surprise for anyone.Before the treatment we recommend a consultation with local therapist.