Management by Objectives: Highlights

Management by Objectives can be called philosophy.With this tool is possible to successfully implement strategic plans by focusing staff on achieving concrete and measurable results.Management by objectives allows us to develop the company's ability to predetermine their future and not to take action, depending on what is happening at the present time.It complements the traditional system of planning individual responsibility and incentives.This philosophy integrates several complex control functions.Among them: planning, assessment and staff motivation, control.

Management by objectives involves the link between achieving results in its area of ​​responsibility and remuneration.This approach allows employees to recognize what is necessary to achieve the company, and thus enabling them to more effectively carry out their tasks.Management by objectives provides a more reliable feedback in the management of the organization, provides an objective basis for control and material incentives for its partici

pants.With this tool, you can more accurately plan for human resource needs.The method of management by objectives helps to improve mutual understanding between management and subordinates.Second, he also gives the opportunity to get more power, more often to take the initiative.

This tool allows you to comprehensively achieve goals and solve problems of personnel management in the organization.Its essence lies in the development and implementation of a system that permeates all levels of the company.Its elements are the goals and objectives (as the organization as a whole and its individual employees).To do this, apply the principles of decomposition and cascading.The objectives are first determined at the highest level, then they are divided and down in the form of specific instructions below (subdivisions and specific employees).In addition, each employee in the process of dialogue is to understand what is necessary to achieve the organization (and what is his problem).The objectives of developing has already become a well-known principle of SMART.

The main elements of this system are the key performance indicators.Their purpose - to measure the effectiveness (effectiveness) of employees, functions, and processes for the selected criteria.The optimal amount of KPI for the employee is considered to be indicators of 3-7.Priority determine their weight.They are visualized in the form of SMART-card.Other her name - card KPI.

required result from the activity of the employee, most often, is set on three levels (target, the lower and upper).It depends on the specific amount of the remuneration of the employee.Card or part of developing indicators for the head of his subordinates (direct and functional).Service personnel management enables administration of the process, the outcome of which is a bonus for the achievement of good performance KPI.Maps developed in two copies (one outstanding staff, the second kept by the head until the summing up).It is worth noting that such a system can effectively fulfill the goals and objectives of personnel management, which are the most znachimymmi.