Highlander pepper (pepper water): application, popular recipes

Highlander pepper is not only used in folk medicine.If necessary, an extract of this herb is prescribed and doctors.And you can find it in almost any drugstore.

composition of plants

Pepper grass (or, as it is called, water pepper) is an annual plant that is widely used in traditional and folk medicine.It is harvested in the flowering period.

smartweed The structure includes flavonoids, including isorhamnetin, quercetin, kaempferol.It has antispasmodic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect.Also, in the plant groups contain vitamins K, C, a small amount - D, E, A, macro- and microelements - bromo, lead, strontium, selenium, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, boron, iodine, silver, nickel,vanadium, iron, calcium, zinc, cobalt, aluminum.Investigators have found that a plant is the source of acetic, formic and valeric acids and chlorogenic parakumarovoy phenolic acids, aldehydes, sugars, tannins and astringent compounds.

Due to its composition the grass is not only used as a stypt

ic.As one of its components used in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, hemorrhoids, pancreatitis, migraine, chronic diarrhea.

Appearance plants

In many regions of the northern hemisphere, where there is a temperate climate, is found Highlander pepper.Picture it, viewed in advance will allow you to correctly identify this plant among others.This herb can reach 80 cm in height, she has branched stems, often has a reddish tint.Leaves of the plant are elongated, smooth, they can see clear points.Flowers Forest mustard plain and small, just a few millimeters in length.They are framed by a green or reddish rim.After flowering, the fruit forms - a small egg-shaped nut, which is flat on one side, and on the other - convex.

harvesting rules

collect ground parts of the plant can be from late June to September.During this period it blooms.Drying is necessary as the stems and flowers.To do this, collected plants spread out thinly in the shade and often overturned.When industrial harvesting is best to use special units.

for preparation of raw materials in the home can be used for drying lofts, penthouses.It is spread with a thin layer whose thickness must not exceed 5 cm on paper or cloth.If the dry grass in the sun, it will turn black.It is easy to verify whether the materials ready.To do this, you simply need to bend some branches.If they break down, so the plant can be packaged in bags.

Action plants

Highlander pepper (pepper water - one of the names of this herb) is used as a styptic.Tincture of this plant has astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, it is also a diuretic drug.Furthermore, it is known that water pepper is also analgesic, sedative, anti-microbial agent.In addition to these properties, it is still able to increase the secretion of stomach and gonads.The essential oil made from this plant is able to significantly reduce the pressure.

Highlander pepper also stimulates uterine contractions.However, this capacity he is much weaker than that of ergot.When heavy painful periods it greatly facilitates the woman's condition, its effect comes quickly.Scope


Not everyone knows that the use of water pepper is not limited to the need to reduce uterine bleeding.The spectrum of its activities is much wider.Grass used in various bleeding, including stomach, intestine, menstrual.If we talk about the decoction of this plant, it has a bacteriostatic effect (stops the growth of microorganisms).It is used in various rashes, scrofula, malaria, difficult urination.It is also widely used analgesic properties, it is enough to make him tea.

decoction of the plant is recommended to drink even in gastric cancer and peptic ulcer.Outwardly pepper grass can be used as a substitute for mustard plasters.

In combination with other plants is also used knotweed pepper.Description of the structure of fees makes it possible to see what concentration of this herb is needed to improve the condition of the patient.Thus, it is used in combination for the treatment of diarrhea and enterocolitis.It can also be found in the collections designed for patients with hemorrhoids and chronic colitis, accompanied by ulcerative erosive lesions of the mucous membranes.


Water pepper often prescribed by a doctor.As a rule, they recommend the use of ready-made pharmaceutical drugs.For example, commercially available liquid extract can be found in the water bottles and the dried pepper in packs of 100 grams.

extract water pepper looks like liquid brown-green color with a strong odor.It tastes quite bitter, astringent effect.Assigned extract, usually as a hemostat 30 (sometimes 40) drops, it must be taken three times a day.

sale also has candles from hemorrhoids "Anastezol", which include the Highlander pepper.The use of this herb in a preparation due to its hemostatic effect.

use of dried plant

If desired, you can prepare the infusion of this herb.He also has a hemostatic effect.He does two tablespoons of raw and boiled with 200 ml of hot water.The resulting mixture should insist for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath.Thereafter, the liquid is allowed to cool for 45 minutes and filtered.The resulting thick must be overcome.After all these procedures the volume of infusion should be brought up to 200 ml, add the boiling water.Three times a day 1/3 cup adopted thus prepared water pepper.Tincture, which contains instructions to the box with dried plant should not be used with dairy products.

In most cases, it is a ground part of the plant.But to treat impotence and decreased gastric acidity, traditional medicine recommends to use the roots.


Like many herbal grass smartweed can be used not by all.Thus, it is contraindicated in patients thrombophlebitis due to its krovesvertyvayuschego action.Also, it is not necessary funds for it through drink, and those who have inflammation of the bladder or kidneys.Pregnancy, incidentally, also applies to the contraindications.

worth noting that the fresh grass is able to exert a strong irritant to the mucous membranes and skin.When dried, these properties are lost, so we can only use a prepared plant.

In the application it is important to adhere strictly to the dosage, because it is fraught with failure to poisoning.The first of their symptoms will decrease the temperature, diarrhea, weakness, deterioration of cardiac function.As the treatment of an overdose can be assigned to enveloping and laxatives, with diarrhea - binding agents.


Use mustard timber can not only as a therapeutic hemostatics.If you have hair fall out, it can help water pepper.Tincture, to which the guide says its stimulating properties, can improve vascular tone.To reduce hair loss, you do not have to drink it.It should be applied as a mask.

To do this, mix equal quantities of finished pharmaceutical extract of smartweed and oil solution of vitamin E. The resulting mixture should be thoroughly rubbed into the scalp and leave for 20 minutes.Do not forget to wrap the hair with polyethylene and wrap a towel.After the specified time to wash off the mask using a conventional shampoo.

If you do not want to purchase pharmaceutical extract, you can prepare their own alcohol tincture.To this end, 25 g of dry grass filled with 100 grams of alcohol or vodka.The mixture was infused in a dark place for two weeks.Do not forget to periodically shake it.

Traditional medicine

In most cases, doctors prescribe only the Highlander pepper as a styptic.It usually gynecologists recommend painful menstruation and the need to reduce uterine bleeding.A traditional medicine offers the use of all the possibilities of this herb.

people generally adhere to traditional methods of treatment - receiving infusion or extract of this plant inside.But you can also use it to resorption of tumors.For this purpose, from the grass make compresses.The use of water pepper possibly ulcers on the skin.For their scarring Greeks offered sprinkle powder affected areas smartweed.

helps plants and hemorrhoidal itching.To facilitate the state to do sit-baths with this herb.Prepare them as follows.400 g of grass boiled for 15 minutes in two liters of water.Separately, 400 g of boiled milk poured into it the same quantity of chopped into small pieces of bread.Infusions of herbs and milk are mixed, the mixture is poured into a container in which you can take.Such a procedure should last 15 minutes.Do not forget after it washed away with warm water.This procedure should be done within a month after a bowel movement.

Opinion folk and traditional medicine in matters of the appropriateness of the extract or tincture of water pepper into the match.Both doctors and medicine men recognize the excellent hemostatic properties of this plant.