How to cook pine cones at home?

Pine trees did not give humanity for millennia useful fruits that are endowed with healing properties.Almost all of this miraculous plant - from needles to bark - suitable for use.Nuts, pine needles, cones and resin can be used as a magic bullet against various ailments.Even modern medicine has confirmed the healing qualities of wood.

Tibetan and oriental gifts healers used plants for therapeutic purposes.Of the urban population, few people know that not only the core nuts are highly nutritious, with shell cones themselves are irreplaceable natural remedy in the fight against many diseases.And here is how to cook pine cones to make it suitable for use, described in today's article.


decoctions and infusions of cedar cones are recommended by many popular Aesculapius in inflammatory pathologies, respiratory diseases, diseases of the joints and skin.Proper preparation of vegetable raw materials help to get rid of frequent colds, of worms, calm the nervous system and accelerate regenera

tion of the skin.

based preparations cones exhibit immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, hemostatic, diuretic and antiscorbutic action.They are indicated in patients with abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels.Take solutions as a laxative and a sedative.Learn how to cook pine cones, you can read the article to the end.Incidentally, the raw materials have long been widely used in the cosmetic field for removing hair from various body sites.

How to cook pine cones: Cooking Tips

should be remembered that in a lot of resin raw materials, so when cooking, it can spoil the pot.The resin is separated from the cones, do not settle back into the fruit, it is advisable to throw in a cup of grass, which will be the basis for a kind of barrier.

Where to start?Put all the materials in the bottom of the pan, cover with grass on top and pour running water.Cook over very low heat for at least an hour.Cooking time depends on the maturity of the cones.Generally it is recommended to carry out the process of cooking outdoors as finished products exudes a strong flavor of gum.

Using slotted spoon, first extract the grass, and then bumps that need to shift to a clean fabric and allow them to cool.Medicinal teas and resin itself used as intended - for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.We hope you will no longer have a question: "How to cook pine cones?"As you can see, it's not difficult.

When the harvest?

collection of raw materials should be started at the end of June.During this period, the young fruit, closed and pliable, contain all the valuable substances.They are suitable for preparation of a medicinal drug.

Tincture of pine cones with milk from ARI and ARI

What to take: half a liter of pasteurized milk, six cones and honey to improve the taste.

Give milk to boil, put in it the washed fruit and boil for half an hour.When the drug becomes warm - add honey to taste.Is used in combination with medication at the time of illness during the day.Exercise therapy for a week.You can drink the solution in order to prevent stimulation of immunity.

tincture on vodka to improve circulation

on half a liter of vodka or any alcohol need seven fruits.Wash the cones;If heavily polluted, then soak in cold water for 10-15 minutes.Then cut into several pieces and fill with alcohol.Place the container in a cool place and sun for two weeks.During the infusion jar with liquid should be shaken.

finished tincture becomes rich brown color and a distinctive resinous aroma.You can add a dessert spoon of solution directly into the tea and drink the evening before preparing for bed.In order to achieve a therapeutic result, it should be taken at least 60 days.Pine cones on vodka helps develop motor function, normalize it and improve brain function.