How to prepare a fly agaric.

Professional and alternative medicine is often used for the preparation of medicines is not entirely conventional components.If you pay attention to this fungus as a mushroom, he has a remarkable healing power.People have long thought about how to prepare amanita so as to obtain the maximum benefit without the risk of poisoning.The main thing - to observe the fine line between benefit and deadly.


Amanita - a poisonous mushroom relating to saprophytes genus Amanita muscaria.The diameter of the standard cap varies from 6 to 25 cm. The color is always bright red, sometimes with an orange tint.On the hat often form characteristic white flakes.Pulp and stipe white striped ring slightly yellowish tint.

saprophyte grows everywhere, but mainly in coniferous and mixed forests.Red fly agaric has several varieties - all of them are suitable for the preparation of medicaments.


Before turning to the question of how to cook fly agaric, it is useful to be familiar with its structur

e and properties of each component.

  1. Choline.It is used in official medicine in the treatment of liver failure.This substance is found in virtually all living organisms.
  2. Muscarine.Strong alkaloid.In the medical practice is not used in research activities muscarine only used in experiments.
  3. Muscimol.The substance is a psychotropic effects.Often used in pharmacology, especially in the production of drugs for the treatment of mentally ill people.
  4. Cyclic hydroxamic and ibotenic acid.Hydroxamic acid increases the effectiveness of anticancer drugs - it is a scientifically proven fact.Ibotenic acid can have hallucinogenic effects, in the event of an overdose causes vomiting and excessive salivation.
  5. bufotenin.Alkaloid - can cause severe hallucinations.
  6. Mikoatropin.The substance is able to provoke the emergence of drug effects - strong alkaloid.
  7. hyoscyamine.It is used in the official medicine as a part of medication to combat renal colic, urinary tract spasms, colitis, ulcers, cystitis and cholecystitis.
  8. Fallin.Source Fallin in nature - it amanita, the use of this substance in large doses can be fatal, or send the body into a state of coma.

use of mushroom in the tradition of folk medicine

More in Russia of toadstools prepared ointments and tinctures.Today, old recipes have not lost their value.To prepare the young are only used mushrooms with red hats, as they - the most valuable medicinal raw materials.Healers chose "Mushroom Days" and collected a rich harvest in the forests.

Efficiency Amanita muscaria was noted even by Paracelsus, who prescribed homeopathic doses of this fungus for the treatment of diabetes and tuberculosis.Amanita is also used for the treatment of skin, joint diseases, rheumatism.

Today, alcoholic or aqueous extracts of the fungus made use in the treatment of scrofula, paralysis, seizures, tumors and ordinary colds, but it is important to understand how to prepare amanita correctly.

tinctures - good or poison?

If you understand how to prepare a tincture of mushroom, subject to strict compliance with the dosage of ingredients, you can get a product with immunostimulatory properties.Some sources claim that the drug is able to overcome the cancer.

For outdoor use, you can squeeze the juice or to prepare special ointment for rubbing, when other types of treatment appropriate to apply the tincture.

Alcohol tincture ulcerative

Ingredients: kg of mushrooms, half a liter of alcohol.

How to cook fly agaric to get a tincture of ulcers?Cleaned mushrooms are placed in a glass container and filled with an alcohol solution.The mixture is better placed in a dark cool place (cellar is in the villages) and infuse week.Once the deadline has expired, the solution is filtered and used for other purposes.

scheme reception

  1. Regardless of the disease begins with the use of tincture of one drop.Take this dosage is very convenient pipette.The drug is required to drink a glass of water.
  2. Day by day the number of drops is brought up to twenty.
  3. dosage is 20 drops should be used five days, and then the reception circuit starts to move in the reverse order, ie downward.

This is a standard scheme of receiving infusions of toadstools.


If you use 5 drops of deteriorated state of health, you need to stay on this dosage for a few days.After this course of treatment is continued in the normal way.

Seeing a doctor is a must.Amanita, the use of which is not controlled, dangerous.

After the infusions needed rest.

Infusions for joint

Ingredients: Ten caps of mushrooms, a hundred grams of vodka.

How to prepare medicine from toadstools from joint pain?Washed cap cut into thin plates.Then you must take a vial of opaque glass, put back the mushrooms and pour the vodka.Tincture is kept exactly seven days, then filtered and rubbed into the affected joint.

medicine becomes quite concentrated, so that after use is recommended to wash hands thoroughly.

infusions for pain in muscles

How to cook mushroom to get a cure for muscle pain?Four hats of red toadstools insist on 200 grams of vodka.It is important to observe the ratio of ingredients.Insist means recommended in a dark bottle with a tight lid.

The concentrate was gently rubbed into the location of the pain.

tinctures cancer

homemade toadstools to obtain a drug that will help fight cancers, often perceived skeptical.Meanwhile poisonous mushroom contains a high concentration of the cyclic hydroxamic acid, which is used in official medicine as part of anti-cancer drugs.

To prepare the drug need only young mushroom cap.First, they are kept in a cool dark place for about three days.After that, placed in glass jars is entirely up to the edge.Capacity filled with vodka or alcohol and is buried in the ground "for most hangers" for three months.

When the specified time has elapsed, the mushrooms are pressed, the liquid is filtered and placed for storage in a refrigerator.

Take tincture made according to the standard scheme "from one drop to twenty."

Ointments For the preparation of ointments need to pre-dry the mushrooms.This is easily done in the oven at minimum fire Shots baking paper for baking.

Ingredients: 30 grams of dry powder, 10 gr.rye flour, meal, 10 g.turpentine softwood, 50 grams of suet.

Preparation: all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath.As a result of the warm texture becomes viscous and homogeneous.

How to use: pre-heated light massage joints.The ointment is applied to the painful areas at night.

mushroom juice

In order to get the juice, you can use any number of mushrooms.Hats are crushed, compacted in a glass jar, cover with lid.Bank should be removed in a dry dark place for 30 days.When the month has expired, the juice is filtered and placed for storage in a refrigerator.He is ready for use.

juice helps fight any disease, which is used in the treatment of mushroom.

Apparently, cooking toadstools obeys very definite principles.In order to benefit from the juice, ointments or tinctures, it is important to observe not only the ratio of the ingredients.No less important stage - the choice of the mushrooms themselves.

How to choose amanita?

Regardless of whether to collect mushrooms in the forest on their own or bought from other mushroom pickers, you must see to it that they are whole, not struck by insects.Of particular value is the hat - it is concentrated the maximum number of active components.The leg is not being used.

Considering all the recipes you need to adequately treat the healing process.The issue of how to prepare an infusion of mushroom, is not as simple as it may seem.Do not give such facilities to children, pregnant and nursing women, people with psychological disorders.Strict adherence to dosage and care - the key to the success of the treatment of this poisonous mushroom.Health to you and your family!