Uninstaller software for high-quality cleaning of your PC

Many people know that the Windows operating systems are great operating systems whose functionality allows to solve almost the entire list of the daily tasks that face ordinary home user on a daily basis.

But not all are as Vindovs works.In particular, many novice users, if necessary, remove some programs simply release her left mouse button and shake on Delete.They loudly indignant "glyuchnostyu" operating system, which after such abuse over it starts to behave not quite adequately.

However, users of Windows Vista, 7/8 are very lucky, because these systems are able to endure such a long time bullying, responding poorly to them.If you have found the time of appearance of XP, you are well aware about the inadmissibility of such actions.

normal user knows that the uninstall programs must always be carried out through the "Add / Remove" in the "Control Panel."Unfortunately, even this does not always guarantee a stable and reliable system operation.

Why not just erase the folder with the program?

Many young people simply do not understand what this "criminal" in the implementation of such actions.In vain.The fact is that any application (except for portable version) for its installation makes numerous registry entries, and installs its own drivers in every way "celebrated" in the system.

And now imagine that you hit on the head, and then cut out appendicitis.How would you feel, moving away from this "anesthesia"?But the system has a lot worse!In short, to do so in any case not worth it.

Why regular uninstaller does not always produce the desired effect?

well.But why the official uninstaller programs can not always effectively remove the application?It all depends entirely on the creators of the program.Someone comes to their work responsibly, but many try to fake.

Especially this trend is evident in the recent years.It often happens that a small program in a couple of megabytes of leaves so many traces in the registry and on the hard drive, the system begins to noticeably slow down and fall on the blue screen.

The removal of spending?

If the official uninstaller program does not cause much confidence, and if he refuses to remove some malicious applications, to the aid of third-party utilities.The principle of operation of programs of this class is virtually identical: they scan the registry, finding all references to the rest of the files, and then remove them completely.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

This - the most famous and effective uninstaller programs recently.This utility is known that includes extended sets of rules are updated via the Internet.With them, even the most "pernicious" program will be completely removed from the system, and after it there will be no trace.

use it very easy.First, click on the "Start" button, go to "Control Panel" and then click on the link of the same name.Open the main window of the program work, which will list all the tools that are installed on your system.

click the left mouse button, and then click the "Delete" button at the top of the dialog box.First, open a standard uninstaller programs that perform routine removal.

After that will come out of the dialog box Revo Uninstaller Pro, where you want to click on "Advanced Scan".It will made a thorough search of all the remaining entries in the registry and files on the hard disk, after which it will be necessary to select all the items found and click "Remove."

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

If you need the uninstaller program in Russian, we advise to pay attention to this wonderful program.Her latest is fully transferred to the "great and powerful", but because of problems with the development should arise.

As in the previous case, the tool finds and deletes all traces that are left in the system of third-party programs.To make the removal, in the main window, you must using the left mouse button to select an application that you would like to remove, then click on the button "Delete" in the lower left corner of the program.

In this case it will find and eliminate all the "tails" in a fully automatic mode.

advantage of this particular application is that it is the default hanging in the system tray, monitoring all programs installed in the system.Thus, it does not need an internet connection to get the magazine removal as the utility is guided by information that has collected on their own.


If the above two applications are a sort of multi-functional "combines" with impressive functionality, the "GeekUninstaller" - a complete contrast to them.This is the best uninstaller for those users who do not like the mess.

After running in front of you will be extremely ascetic main window, which lists all installed applications.Scroll to the left mouse button, and then click the "Action" menu at the top of the window.

There should click on the item "Uninstall", then start the automatic removal process.As in previous cases, the registry will be cleaned up without your participation.


Many people know this wonderful program from as the only cleaning junk files and old entries in the registry.But if you do not want to pay for uninstallers remove the program, it will be the best choice.Why is that?Now you learn.

Run CCleaner, look at the left side of the window: there should be a button "Service".Click on it, and then on the right side of the working window will open a new tab.There will be a list of programs that are installed on your computer.Highlight requiring removal of the application by clicking on it with the left mouse button, and then click on the "Uninstall" in the upper right corner.

to run standard uninstaller, and then CCleaner he cleaned up the remaining entries in the registry.

So what all of these programs at one time earned the title of "Best uninstaller program 2013"?It - Revo Uninstaller Pro!Experts believe that this is the best tool to cope with its tasks.