How to decorate the office for the New Year?

On the eve of the New Year all the people radically changed the mood.Man waiting for a holiday, magic and surprises.If you are a manager or an employee of a large or small company, then this article is just made for you!

Many people have questions about how to decorate the office for the New Year.What you should pay special attention to?What decorations to choose?How to create a cozy and harmonious festive interior?Let's try to answer all these questions and find out how to make an office for the New Year, and thereby attract customers.

When to start decorating the room?

Domestic premises you can start to prepare for the celebration of the New Year celebrations in a week or even before the actual holiday.Office decoration for the New Year should be held in advance.

Do it from the very first days of winter.It is said that a solemn ceremony uplifting not only of existing staff, but also among the visitors.Office staff will be happy to go to their place of work, and the client base is growing in s

uch a harmonious festive atmosphere.

Select one of the days, and assign responsibilities.No decorations shall not be left one office.So, you have decided on the start date of preparation for the New Year.Now you need to know what and how to decorate the room.

that draws attention to the customer?

If you face the challenge to decorate the office for the New Year, it is first necessary to decide those for whom you do it.If your company works with people, the festive atmosphere should be created for them in the first place.Carefully consider the style and color scheme of jewelry.Note to people who come into your office, pay attention to the most?Make a plan to decorate the rooms and halls.Then you can begin to make out the office for the New Year.

front door

On that first drew the attention of people coming into the company?Of course, the first thing he sees the door.It is here, and you should see a festive mood.Thus, registration office for the New Year should begin with the front door.

Decorate it with lights.They will be beautiful and solemn look in the dark.Also on the perimeter of the door can be hung spruce branches, framed with tinsel and Christmas balls.Remember that this jewelry will remain in place for a long time, day and night, so you need to keep it safe.If your office has a protection or surveillance camera, you can not worry about the fact that the decorations will be damaged by ill-wishers.Otherwise decorate the office for the New Year is better on the inside of the main entrance.

reception for clients or reception

In most large companies, entering the office, the person first sees the reception desk.Here, the customer should raise a festive mood.That is why a lot of attention is paid to the decor of the area.Along the perimeter of the rack to hang tinsel and on the countertop to install a small Christmas tree decorated with small colorful toys in appropriate colors.In addition, you can come up with a kind of entertainment for visitors and customers.Put the client table vase with tangerines and sweets.Let your customers can taste sweets and thereby raise themselves up.It is worth noting that after serving chocolate all important negotiations take place quickly and efficiently.


If your firm is in a building of several floors, then you are sure to decorate the stairwells.In the course of railing can hang spruce twigs and tinsel.Also it is necessary to pay attention to the ceiling.Hang garlands, balloons and bright stars.Make sure that they are firmly secured.You do not want one of the toys has fallen to an important client?

If stairwells have windows, they can decorate with lights.Nowadays you can buy lights absolutely any form.Very beautiful garlands on a mesh strung across the window area.Such decoration can not be turned off at night.It will be very nice shine like a rainbow in the dark.

Making cabinets

To harmoniously decorate the office for the New Year, it is necessary to take care of the decoration of the premises where the company's employees are sitting.If an employee is in contact with the client, then it can also be a table to put a small bowl with refreshments.On the walls of the table, you can make a small Christmas tree in tinsel.

If space allows, then put on the table an artificial tree, decorated with garlands, or a sprig of fir.To create a more festive atmosphere, you can put in a vase with water, several live fir branches.They will emit a wonderful aroma in the room.In the box, you can put a special artificial snow, which is sprayed from the bottle.You can make it in the form of snowflakes and small firs.

Big Tree

undoubted attribute of New Year's design should be a tree.If your office a lot of space, do not be lazy and set the green beauty.Decorated tree should be combined with the color scheme the entire design.On the branches you can hang the balls, cones, beads, garland, tinsel.Everything that comes into your head and will blend in well with the overall design.


In some offices at the request of management can be introduced a special style of dress.You may want to clothe their employees in fancy Christmas hats as Santa Claus?Also, if you want you can make a special New Year badges throughout the working personnel.On the neck workers can tie a thin ribbon tinsel - they will be an ideal complement to create a design space.


If you do not know how to decorate the office for the New Year, you can give preference to professionals.So often receives heads of companies, employees who do not have time for self-clearance facilities.

Skilled craftsmen and designers prepare several options for decorating the hall, from which you select the one you like.However, it should be borne in mind that in this type of work will have to pay well, especially their prices such firms improve in anticipation of the holidays.


Office is the face of the company.It was from a properly sized customers design forms a picture of your manual.Embellish a workplace right.Avoid trite paper snowflakes and old rain, hanging from the ceiling.Let the Christmas mood will be festive and magical.Happy New Year to you!