Coffee grounds.

All girls love to guess.The most common way is cartomancy.But there are other methods by which you can look into the future.If you want to combine and pleasant, and useful - try to tell fortunes from coffee grounds.

Before embarking on this magical act, think, what question you would like to get an answer.For divination need coffee grounds from the coffee brewed in Turku.Cup, in which you will pour the drink, should be white on the inside and smooth.Saucer, too, should be no gaps.Need to take a teaspoon of coffee for a glass of water.Milk and sugar is better not to add.You must drink coffee, not all but left unfinished one sip.Then take the cup by the handle on the left hand and rotating the counterclockwise three times to mix with coffee grounds and coffee.Now you can cover the cup and saucer and turn it on him.After seven seconds, proceed to the interpretation.

Look at some of the cup located coffee grounds.Stains on the saucer talk about the past, in a cup - of the future.The closer the handle i

s coffee grounds, the stronger the predicted events will affect your life.The direction to the handle, talk about the near future, as directed in the opposite direction - on the remote.The spots closer to the bottom, the more distant events they predict.

I note that you will need imagination and observation, to decode the resulting images, because in the cup will remain a colorful figure, and the usual coffee grounds.

interpretation of images


Bull - risk

Camel - financial success

Crow - Mount

Dove - among your surroundings have a good man

Snake - ill awaits you

Cow - Emergency luck

Cat - poverty

Chicken - in you need a stranger

Swan - the sky will fall down money

Lion - might

Fox - deception

Frog - great news

Ant - vanity

Fly - success in finance

Bear - you will be a danger

Deer - wisdom

Eagle - you win

Bird - pleasant company

Rooster - good news

Spider - unexpected news

Fish - Travel

Elephant - power

Owl - a disease

Dog - each

Tiger - anger

Lizard - an unexpected event


Two Faces in the middle with a rose - in the near future awaits marriage and happiness

two persons, separated by a line - you will divorce

Twoperson in the circle - you will find marriage

Two opposite - reciprocity in love

profile person - protection

head of the person - to have someone in love, and you know it

older women - married and happy love

Immediatelyseveral heads - loved ones will help to solve your problems

Lips - friends will support you

Eye - radical changes

Hand - disappointing

Roth - your life will be fruitful


Star - the situation will be successful for you

Arc- enemies

house with a roof, windows - a quiet family happiness

oblique line - danger

Cross - Emergency wedding

Circle unlocked - familiarity

circle, and next to him the house - will get your home

broken line - financial problems

Zigzag - adventure

window with a cross - fire hazard

window - wait theft

straight line - a good life

Intermittent - losses

Triangle - success

Unlocked Triangle - the patron

points - success

Strokes- good luck

Quadrilateral - near you love.

If you ever try to look into the future in this way, the guesses, the interpretation of various symbols and signs can become your favorite pastime.Good luck!