Management of enterprise financial stability and planning in an unstable economic development

The conditions of the instability of great importance is the analysis of how to govern the financial stability of the enterprise.The correct choice of the model depends both on the financial management software company, or enterprise and financial stability at the macro and micro level, and economic independence as a whole.

Financial characterized as a state of the company's accounts, which guarantees its solvency.Methods of financial management and financial stability should be characterized by such parameters, to meet the needs and trends of the market and meet the needs of the enterprise.

financial stabilization of the company can only be achieved in the case of a combination of factors such as the creation of conditions for a possible extension to ensure profitable production volumes of activity at constant rates of growth of real equity and the ability to ensure the stable management of financial stability of the enterprise.The evaluation of these parameters enables external analysts to reliab

ly determine the resource potential of the company, its prospects to evaluate the financial independence to formulate a forecast of the future development.The statistics show that the financial stability of a number of Russian companies is reduced, since a decrease in volumes of activity rapidly growing amount of long-term and current liabilities.The reasons for this - the impact of the global crisis, rising inflation, an unstable state tax and credit policies, the deterioration of the investment climate in the state.Stability in itself, depends on the financial capacity, which in turn is determined by the volume of its own and borrowed funds and borrowed resources that the company has the ability to dispose of.

Reasons for the discrepancy proper level of financial stability, may be different, but which can be classified into:

- ongoing - impact on the level of sustainability.The current disparity persists operational methods of financial management;

- strategic - those that affect the achievement of an adequate level of financial stability: errors in management strategy, financing policy, etc.Strategic discrepancy may be liquidated through such actions as the correction or replacement purposes, the implementation of diversification, management of financial stability of the enterprise through the creation of its new organizational forms.

Financial stability - is a complex category that can be characterized as a certain state finance, the efficiency of their deployment and use, which will ensure the development of all segments of the company.Financial stability and economic relations shows that shape the financial mechanism for the translational motion of the socio-economic development.

Financial problems are now in the majority of enterprises are forced to generate new forms of business organization.One of the ways that can help to maintain a stable position of the enterprise, financial planning is a flexible and efficient management of the financial stability of the enterprise, which is part of financial planning.

important condition for the formation of the planning model should be the development of unified planning documents within the enterprise, the establishment of all participants in the process of formation of common rules, control and analysis of plans and management.

Increase flexibility and agility of financial planning will help drawing up of multiple financial plans (scenarios) on criteria effectively, thereby reducing the risks of failure of plans or excessive deviations from their reality upon performance.

To strengthen the relationship and balance between the different plans, it is necessary to carry out an adjustment of the annual financial plan not less than once every 30 days.It is also important to compare the annual plan with operational plans and the results of their implementation.

breakdown of the planning process into separate modules will significantly simplify the process of formation and implementation of the plan and the process of controlling its implementation.

transition to modern methods of financial management, implementation and use of specialized automated systems management and planning will allow for a multidimensional financial planning.