Calorie panna cotta and its cooking at home

When it comes to Italian cuisine, we can say that it is imbued with the sun!Only in Italy, the food and the sun so in harmony with each other.

history and modernity

Familiarity with desserts Italian cuisine is best to start with a panna cotta.

recipe for this dessert the most ancient of all and he began to exist even in the Roman Empire.However, in those days it was more like milk pudding than dessert.Well, there was no refrigeration in those days!In today's world panna cotta became popular in the US because of immigrants from Italy, who can not live without their favorite dessert.Even the famous Al Capone nourishes tender feelings for panna cotta, he said it reminded him of home.

panna cotta

Most fans desserts can be divided into 2 categories:

1) fans tiramisu;

2) bogotvoriteli panna cotta.

Initially panna cotta prepared exclusively from milk products without added sugar.Sugar in those distant ancient times was too expensive, and not everyone can afford it.Since calorie panna cotta 100

g - 298 kcal, the ladies seldom can indulge in this dessert.But sometimes she wants to arrange a royal dinner, without panna cotta it is impossible to imagine.So forget for a while about her figure and feel the taste of the royal Italian dessert.

Now confectioners experimenting with recipes.Not remained unchanged and panna cotta.Nowadays calorie panna cotta enough minimized.Ladies, do not think about scales and safely enjoy the taste of dairy dessert!

Panna cotta home

Not all of us can afford to enjoy this dessert in a restaurant or cafe.And sometimes she wants to cook something with their own hands.Not for nothing do people say that everything that is cooked for himself and in his kitchen, always delicious.For those who want to show their culinary skills, offered the following recipe:

- sugar - 50 g;

- vanilla (added to taste);

- 35% -s' cream - 500 ml;

- leaf gelatin - 4 of

Mix in a saucepan the cream, vanilla and sugar should be brought to a boil.Then you need to turn down the heat and simmer this mixture for 3-5 minutes.Do not forget about the constant stirring as the cream can burn slightly, and the taste of burning can not be fixed!

gelatine to soak according to the manual, which is written on the packaging.Once it is fully razmoknet, it must be overcome and put our creamy hot mixture.Thereafter, mix thoroughly and rapidly, so that the gelatin is completely dissolved in the mass.

Every housewife in the kitchen should be the form, no matter what.For example, it is possible to use silicone.There is no need to grease them.The prepared mixture should pour the forms, and then remove them in the refrigerator for 8 hours.Ideal would be if they stand for the whole night there.In the morning you need to rid our delicate panna cotta on the form.To do this we need a shallow container with hot water and dish, where we finally put our dessert.First dip shape with panna cotta in a container with water, then flips it on a plate.Due to the high temperature of our desserts quickly leave your "house" and will be in the center of the plate.That's all.Decorate dessert can be according to your taste and imagination.

The photo shows panna cotta, home-cooked.

If you do everything correctly, the heavenly pleasure guaranteed.As you can see, calorie panna cotta on this recipe is quite high, so do not get carried away by it really, if you care about your figure.

Classics of the genre classic panna cotta

differs from the above only in the form submission.It is prepared as well, but before serving it is poured with chocolate or fruit sauce, decorate with fresh raspberries, blueberries or strawberries.And all this beauty supplement with mint leaves.While this dessert without sauces very tasty and satisfying.

Let's share another unusual recipe for panna cotta.When people hear the phrase "coconut panna cotta", in its submission see this dessert richly sprinkled with coconut.But in fact, no chips there.Ask where the coconut?It's all in one ingredient - coconut milk.

to create this dessert using the same recipe for panna cotta cooking at home, only to the cream, sugar and vanilla add 300 ml of coconut milk.As the number of our core mass at the expense of the secret ingredient increased, do not forget to increase 2 times the amount of gelatin and sugar.

Well, if you're a fan of coconut flavor, you can sprinkle the finished Panna cat a small amount of coconut.

small secret

To lower calorie panna cotta, you must not use heavy cream.The taste of this, of course, change, but your figure after the use of this dessert will remain unchanged.

Do not be afraid to experiment in the kitchen!Cook with pleasure for yourself and your loved ones!