The baptism of the child: the rules of the rite.

Every parents have the right to choose independently: to baptize to them by their precious, Son, or not.But lately much more often young spouses prefer to to provide the right of choice himself the child and lay their the baptism of before his of conscious choice.At the same time the true believers parents try to baptize your child as early as possible from the very first days of life, as the belief that after such a procedure, the person has a guardian angel.

procedure baptism baby - thin enough ritual, which raises many questions.It is best to conduct the rite of baptism to consult with the priest, but the answers to common questions you will learn from this article.

main question which is raised by parents - this is the meaning of baptism of the child.According to the Bible, baptism, the child is under the protection of God and receives his guardian angel and patron saint.

What to do parents, if they have a of different faiths?

First of all they have to come to a compromise and decide which re

ligion to profess their child.However, only one of the parents may be present naprotsedure when will be the baptism of the child (ritual rules prohibit parents of other faiths to participate in the sacrament).It is important to remember that this choice - it is not just a fad or a rule of life in society - is a very serious act and you must adhere to the maximum after the baptism chosen faith traditions in bringing up the child.

When can baptize their children?

By tradition, the Orthodox faith the rite of baptism is held not earlier than 40 days after birth.This is due to the fact that a woman has no right to enter the church during the first postnatal week, as it is considered "unclean."In principle, a child can be baptized before, but the mother can not be present at that moment in the temple.There is nothing wrong in what you choose to undergo this procedure in a month or even a year after the birth, you have no right to refuse.

baptism of a child - the rules for choosing a name.

Usually parents pick a name before baptism procedures, according to the names of saints who appear in the church calendar on the day of birth.But it happens such moments, that similar the names of the a completely are not applicable to modern conditions, so-as complex ancient names, for example, Feopent, will cause quite a few of emotions on the part of surrounding.In such a case you have the right to choose a name independently.If favorites the child's name does not appear in ecclesiastical calendars, try to trim the most suitable, for example, Alina - Angelina.In addition, many believe that this duality of names allows you to save the child from the evil eye and spoilage.But in the Orthodox faith does not say, because belief has come to us from Islam.

How to choose godparents?

By choosing godparents must be approached with the utmost seriousness.These should be people who are able to conduct the baptism of the child, to observe the rules exactly and thus they must be faithful (of the same faith with the parents and child).The godparents can not take people with a different religion, a married couple, monks and nuns, the mentally ill, minors and came to the temple in a state of intoxication.If selected godfather and godmother are not Orthodox, but are willing to receive for himself that faith - they must undergo the procedure before the christening of the child.Godfather at the child can be only one, but thus he should be of one sex with the child.

This rite of baptism of the child, whose rules are very strict, has no strict canons in the choice of the cross.From a practical point of view, better to choose a cross with rounded the edge of the child to accidentally hurt.It can be made of precious metals, of ordinary aluminum or any other metal.