Meaning of moles on her hand

can not find a man whose body would not be moles.They have each, moreover they are located on the face, legs, back, arms ... - is also a popular place for the formation of these spots.What we often consider their own hands, creates a natural interest in - we want to know the meaning of moles on her hand.Sometimes, revealing these secrets, man begins to cultivate those traits, which says a particular arrangement of these "signs of fate."Such symbols on hands pretty occupied an important place in the science of the study of moles - moleosofii.The fact that every spot in terms of palmistry says about any particular person, his fate, destiny.

Consider the value of moles on her hand in the most common places.Do you have a dark spot on the inside of the left wrist?So you're vulnerable and sentimental.And if this place is not even one, but several spots - you are extremely sensitive to the slightest manifestation of rudeness or neglect.But a mole on his right wrist say about the ability of women to enjoy the

ir apparent helplessness.It presents itself in such a way that makes a man around to please her, to protect and defend.In general, they say that the value of moles on hand mostly favorable - those girls who have a lot on their hands, are usually happy in marriage.Men should look at the forearms of his lady.If their outside there is a speck, then elect its owner was very lucky.The fact that a woman can give a man a maximum of comfort - as if her hands possess magical powers.If a man loves a woman for real, the happiness in their marriage will be required.

values ​​moles on her hand men are also often characterized by good energy.Such a person does not necessarily have a strong body to build muscle - and without it he is able to pursue their own, to subjugate people.These hands can adapt to almost any kind of activity, they can operate for long periods without tiring and without falling, even in difficult times.Well, if your chosen 2 moles in the forearm - know that such a person is able to love, appreciate and respect the woman, listen to her until his death.Two signs on the right-hand man - a sign of loyalty.

birthmark on the back of the right hand - not a good sign for right-handers.However, it should take into account the size and shape of the spot.If this is a cute little speck, no negative information, it does not carry.If it does not produce very good impression, you should refer to the palmist for interpretation: he will be able to explain in detail the value of moles on the hand, depending on their location and shape.The same applies to the characters on the left hand of the left-hander.Most of these birthmarks indicate the obstacles to achieving the goal.

should also mention that mean birthmarks on his hands.At this point, they can appear quite suddenly, and as suddenly disappear.The appearance of moles on the palm speaks about the upcoming event, which is very important for humans.It also happens that the character appearing, according to the owner that he was able to change his destiny.If we look at history, we can see that the lives of the people mentioned in the palm of a mole, was a bright and unusual.

Located on the right hand, it can mean a hereditary disease, complex traits, entailing some problems - some kind of karma.

birthmark on his left hand in right-handers shows hereditary problems.If the line goes through her life - perhaps a warning about the dangers to which there is time to prepare.A large birthmark in this place can designate a difficult period in his life.

interesting interpretation of a mole on his left hand - its owner will meet late, but happy love.

Location spot at the intersection of the lines of the heart, life and mind says that is expected is a very serious event, to which we must prepare.Holders of moles on the Mount of Mars must constantly monitor themselves, because they can cause problems with the psyche.

Moles on the Mount of Venus is said about the complexities of love.

Once again we will remind - special attention to deciphering the value of moles on the hand, you need to give them shape.Most beautiful dark spots speak about luck, and repulsive - problems.