Lifeline at a glance: the longer, the better

life line on the palm - this is the first band that appears in the man's hand.The mark is formed in the human embryo is already the eighth week.Then there is the heart line, the next - the line of the mind.An interesting fact is that all of these signs appear in the hands of baby long before it starts to move.Therefore, the lines on the palms can not be linked to performance.

Lifeline - a kind of indicator of vitality and viability of the person.It reflects the quality and standard of living and the amount of vitality, which has the individual.Life Line in the palm shows how people hardy, energetic and strong.

If the sign is clear and long, then the person healthy physique and good resilience.When volatile and short line there is a shortage of energy and the owner hands physically weak.Whoever has the band surrounds and is located near the thumb is likely to be weak, passive, slow and tired quickly.About this man can say that he does not have the amount of energy and effort that he would like to ha

ve.So people need a permanent vacation.In order to become more energetic and hardy, they need to exercise and pay more attention to your body.

In cases where the life line crosses the palm of his hand completely, or forms a large semi-circle, a man different active lifestyle, enthusiasm, stamina and vigor.If it does work, that brings him joy, it does not feel tired and needs a rest.He was to the liking of any physical activity.During deep sleep such a person to quickly restore power, and in the morning he again can continue its work.

Sometimes life line on the hand forks or interrupted.If the break occurs on one hand, it may soon begin a disease for which the recovery occurs.If both - the person expects to severe illness with problematic prolonged recovery.

Near the lifeline from the thumb can be positioned its line-sister.Usually, it starts at the line of life and appears in any part thereof.Some (very lucky) people such a line delineated over the entire length, as a result creates a line drawing of the duality of life.This symbol is called a guardian angel band.If there is a branch line towards the end of life, such a person will live to a ripe old age actively.

If the life line on your palm has many small branches that point upwards, this mark indicates prosperity and good health.Conversely, the branch going down mean poor health and failures in the financial plan.

Many people can see the thin strips, heading from the base of the thumb to the line of life, sometimes it is crossed.Such thin small dash lines are called anxiety.A person with a lot of these characters feels constant anxiety.Or in front of him at different periods of serious problems arose.

forked line of life speaks volumes.If small branches coming from the beginning of the line of life, directed to the head line, you may receive an inheritance.If the fork begins in mid-life lines, the acceptance and success are waiting for a man in middle age.If a branch goes to the Mount of Saturn, the way of life will be held in a constant struggle, and the man will have to build their lives without assistance.If the fork is directed to the Mount of the Sun - will come the recognition of talent.Branches, making for the Mount of Moon means changes taking place in human life.It can be moving, long journey or a sea cruise.