Prayers on trade, the tradition of Russian merchants

Commerce in Russia has always been considered a good thing, a shopping arcade in the heart of the place, and were lively.On the market square, held festivities in celebration.

In Soviet times, trade was "in the paddock", the state monopolized it and punish any manifestation of initiative (remember what ended NEP).Having grown up under the Soviets believed generation private trade something shameful (between the Russian intelligentsia in immigration did not shun trade).Thankfully, those days are long in the past, today the Russian trade was revived but remained, as it were, without roots.But the Russian merchants had a rich tradition and an interesting (and useful in the trading business) practices.

Russian trade had national features, character and flavor, it is preserved in history and folklore.The merchant class was very rich, but not only Russian merchants were not stingy, but do not even try to save (no farm they were reasonable, but not miser).Not afraid to go out and spend earned, give expens

ive gifts.The merchant houses was made to show off their wealth.If the house, for example, had two heads of sugar (in those days it was an expensive delicacy) is served on the table once the two (and generally served the best hospitality was mandatory for merchants).The same applies to orders of merchant wives, they are not saved.Showing off wealth, they are not afraid of "evil eye" and envious enemies.

Merchant case had been respected, but also difficult and dangerous.Often they had to travel with the goods to distant lands for fear of thieves.Why, daring people to wait in a nearby forest.

merchants have had their own code of honor, because the transaction at the time, often without documents concluded, relying only on word of honor.

fact that merchants appreciate your luck and were confident in it.All merchants were deeply religious and pious, hoping for God's help to trade and did not forget their God (by faith rewarded).There was also a special custom, the prayer for the merchant.Merchants know how to be grateful for the money merchants built the majority of Russian churches.

Prayer for a good trade has long helped the Russian merchants in their business, it will help current and traders and their descendants.Before making an important transaction a merchant is required to go to church, prayed fervently and without stint, put candles on leaving the church alms.If the deal was particularly significant, merchants, except for prayers on trade, and vowed the money from her to give to a church or charity.But the "correct" order for the vow was considered an icon of the Church or to decorate robe (salary) for the icon.

prayed for trading before the icons of the Savior, the Virgin or their patron saint.But the most revered Sochava St. John, who is the patron of trade.St. John graciously accept the prayers of merchants to trade for that he himself, in his lifetime, was a merchant.Please read the prayer to the Holy (or to the image of the Saviour, Mother of God), then, in his own words, asking for help (you can do this "himself"). In order to increase the power of prayer on trade (if your situation is really complicated), a well-ordered JohnSochavskamu prayer blessing of water.Water, lit on this prayer service, you need to sprinkle your office or workplace and goods, while reciting the prayer of the saint.This prayer can be ordered repeatedly.In the workplace, it is desirable to have a small image of John to have the opportunity every day to offer prayers on trade (in prayer is good to light a candle in front of the church) and thanks for your help.Icon of St. should be put in a prominent place and treat it with care and respect.

Of course, in addition to prayer on trade, the merchants would have a lot of rituals, customs, and accept money.They are scrupulously respected and protected from outsiders, and handed down.But that's a topic for another article ...