The ancient divination sex of the child - a rite or a way to find out the truth?

so long awaited event happened.The couple learned that soon they will have a baby.For the realization of what happened more often in the future parents should be the desire to know the sex of the baby.And if the Pope in this regard is quite able to restrain his curiosity, the expectant mother thinks about it very often.Questions about this set is not only close relatives, but also friends, colleagues at work.The woman begins to listen to the observations and judgments of others based on folk beliefs and divination.

Such ways of determining the sex of the child existed many centuries ago and kept in people's memory to this day.Medicine then was still not able to answer this question.Now, fortunately, the expectant mother does not need to go to the bath for a meeting with houses and ask him to stretch out her little hand, hoping that it will be hairy (which meant the birth of the little helpers) or naked (which meant the birth of a successor kind).

Currently guessing the sex of the child can be seen as

an ancient folk ritual, familiarity with the traditions of the people, the fun, but not as a reliable source.

most popular divination sex of the child - divination by means of rings or needle.

1. Ring is better to take a wedding.Dial in a glass of water and drop to ring.

then you need to get the ring and hang on a string, omit netoropyas into the hands of someone guessing.Wait for the girl if the ring goes around, if the principle of the pendulum moves - will be a boy.

If the ring for some reason, there can be used on this principle needle just before hang it on a string, it should pierce a piece of woolen cloth.

2. Next guessing on the child's sex more available women in rural areas.It is necessary to take the grains of wheat and barley.Pregnant women should moisten them with his urine.A boy, when the first sprout seeds of barley.

3. Sometimes it is possible to carry out divination on the floor of the child during the meal.It happens that the expectant mother poperhnёtsya.At this point you should ask her to call any number.Count on an account which the letter in the alphabet it denotes.Now we have to ask for a woman to call the name of that letter.Women called the name means that we should expect a daughter.

Regarding eating, and this observation: if a pregnant prefers crusts from the bread and not the middle - to be a boy.

4. You can try to verify the accuracy of the third method using a piece of bread.Pregnant should go out and put it in the yard in a visible place.If the bread was eaten by a dog - a boy, and if he got a bird - a girl.

5. There divination and sex of the child with the help of candles, candlesticks and undershirts.This method of divination fit woman, if she already had one child.

vests to put on the table to place beside her three candles in sconces.Lighting candles, should say the following words:

first candle - "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit";
second candle - "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Boy!";
third candle - "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Girl!".

first candle, which goes off the floor indicates the baby.If you go out before the first candle, the children of this woman will not.

6. An interesting ritual divination with stones.It is to write the names on the stones with the help of ink.Throw stones in water.Some time later, the inscription will be washed off.The stone on which is best preserved inscription with the name indicate the sex of the child.This way you can find out the number of future children.

And finally, try to present to you the collective image of expectant mothers.
boy's mother: walking on the road carelessly, and then stumbles;her swollen leg;often in a good mood;He likes to eat bread crusts;the skin of her hands dry and cracked;not anorexic, she almost did not feel sick;her acute belly;He complains of back pain.

Mom girl: has a graceful gait;her legs are not aware of edema;her mood moody;hands soft and beautiful;Moderate appetite;it is often sick;face from time to time covered by acne;sleeping preferably on the right side;belly rounded;Sometimes there is pain in the abdomen.

Now you have all the knowledge to check any guessing when the baby is born.You will be able to answer the question: ancient divination sex of the child - a rite or a way to find out the truth?