How disgusting, this is your fish in aspic: jellied pike perch

no secret that jellied pike perch was considered a secret weapon of Soviet housewives: the fish was available, even imposed to eat, but how to make it so that the use of all parts from head to tail, and thus feed the whole united family and neighbors?

It is not known exactly when the fish come up with aspic - perhaps it was a mistake or an experiment of one cook who found that the jelly fish is not as disgusting and useless, as he had imagined.

Recipe jellied perch

Ingredients: actually, perch - 0.6kg, onion - 1 pc., Carrots - 1 pc., Celery, spices (bay leaf, 5 peas allspice, salt), eggprotein, dry white wine glass, gelatin granules.

can be used as a decoration: lemon, boiled quail eggs, greens, peas, cranberries or cranberry, red caviar.

To prepare jellied pike perch, a fish must first be gutted and cleaned - if it is not finished carcass of the store.Remove the inner and clean off the scales with fins, cut along the spine of the fish, remove bones, head and tail (not throw).Season with salt

and fillet wrapped in foil cloth down.

Preheat the oven to hundreds of degrees and put it in baked walleye about 1 hour - will succulent fish and low-fat.Once taken out of the oven, poured juice pack fillets in plastic wrap and put in the fridge to cool overnight.

Fill the rest of the zander - bone head water level above the finger - you need to cook the soup.Add to the pot spices, vegetables - pre-shredded carrots and celery, peeled and chopped onion.Add salt to taste and cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes without the lid Then pour in the wine, bring to a boil and leave to cook for another 15 minutes.Then also remove the night, the particles settled in the broth and the liquid was filtered.

Now pull out the fish and expand.To prepare jellied pike perch at 300-400g fillets needs liter of very rich broth.Filter it through cheesecloth.Read the instructions in the gelatin - it should be enough to suffice for the whole broth.Soak gelatin in small portions, the rest of the broth warm up on low heat.

adding that a small amount of gelatin in our pot.A little trick: jellied pike perch to obtain a clear and bright, can be whipped into a foam egg whites and add to the broth at this stage.Once the protein rises, turn off the broth.

You may need more time to boil the broth to achieve uniformity.Finally it is filtered through cheesecloth and give to cool to room temperature.

serve an aspic ready

can choose small portions molds, and can, in the tradition of Soviet housewives, choose an oblong dish filler.Pour a small layer at the bottom of the tank and remove in the refrigerator.When the layer hardens, it spread the cut (or the whole) carcass walleye.Top broth topped up - is quite thin, and set to form a gel in the fridge.

thus prepared seafood aspic can decorate anything, because the transparent gel is suitable for any table.We suggest using a small pea, berries and eggs, halved quail eggs and olives, sprigs of parsley, basil and cilantro.