How to make peach jam with oranges?

Peach jam can rightly be considered one of the most delicious.The flesh is tender and juicy peach, even without the addition of sugar is a terrific taste, and if we add the orange, then the effect will simply stunning.It is possible to use all sorts of spices sludge as additional ingredients for flavor.

Before you start cooking peach jam, you need to choose the right products because of their quality depends on the final result and the taste of the dish.It is worth noting that if any other fruit jam can be taken that are not quite first-class quality (slightly wrinkled, perespevshie, burst, etc.), this jam recipe is designed for products of impeccable quality.Therefore, stale or begin to wilt or rot products are absolutely not suitable.

To make jam from peaches and oranges in a volume of two liters, you need the following ingredients:

  • oranges - six pieces (small);
  • peaches - 1.5 kg;
  • water - 2.5 cups;
  • sugar - 1.3 kg

Before making jam, you need to determine which variant we will do.The fact t

hat this recipe suggests that peach jam may contain large pieces of peaches in the form halves or cut into small cubes.In this orange in both cases, cut into small pieces.

Large pieces of peaches (halves of the fruit) jam will add piquancy and retain more natural flavor of foods and peach, cut into small pieces, along with orange, peach jam make richer.Therefore, making peach jam, it is necessary to take into account.

before slicing peaches they should be scalded with boiling water and remove the skins.Oranges also have to be cleaned and then cut into medium-sized cubes.From both the fruit is necessary to completely remove all the bones, because they can give bitterness and spoil the jam.

next step is to take the pot, which will cook the jam, fill it with water and put on fire.After the water reaches its boiling point, it is necessary to add sugar to be boil over medium heat for about five minutes.Then in a pan and add vegetables with constant stirring over medium heat cook for forty minutes.Jam is ready.

For a better safety of the finished jam still hot pour on pre-prepared and clean the banks, which, together with the contents immersed in boiling water for five minutes.Then the banks are closed tight lid and turn until cool.This will allow the preservation of peaches jam stand for quite a long time without changing their taste properties.

Many housewives in the process of cooking the fruit in syrup are added to the pan variety of herbs or spices.They can greatly improve the taste of jam, but true connoisseurs of peaches believe that it is only interrupted by the taste and aroma of fruit and without bright and unique.Others prefer to add to this amount of half a cup of brandy, but as jam can eat and children, this is not recommended.