How to prepare a salad with chicken

Surely, every woman at least once in a lifetime preparing the perfect holiday meal - salad.But, of course, not everyone knows what it came up with a French chef Lucien Olivier.Originally a part of the salad consisted of cervical cancer, as well as meat grouse.In addition, at the time it was added Pressed caviar and veal tongue.The similarity of it with Olivier, we are preparing today, only that, as before, is now added to the salad pickles and eggs.Today, in another prepared salad, its composition is different: there is sausage or chicken, eggs, cucumbers, onions and potatoes.Many add boiled carrots and canned peas.And, of course, all dressed with mayonnaise.

mainly housewives in Olivier add sausage.But how delicious this salad is obtained if its members will include the chicken!Let's learn how to cook Russian salad with chicken.

can be used for the preparation of boiled chicken or chicken legs.Cut one fillet into small cubes.Separately cook two potatoes, a couple of eggs and a carrot.Once everything

is cooked, drain - products should be allowed to cool to room temperature.

preparing salad with chicken should cook vegetables in advance, as the cold is better to cut the potatoes, does not break, and the blocks are obtained accurate.

Thus all welded product was purified and cut into small cubes.We do the same thing with pickles.We need three - four gherkin.Maximum finely chopped onion half cleared, a few sprigs of parsley shred.

Some do not like to add onions to Olivier, but it is spicing up this dish, so it is better still to use it when cooking.Perfect white onion that does not cause tears, he is a sweet, very pleasant to the taste.

So mix all the diced foods and add two tablespoons of canned green peas.In that case, if not canned peas, and fresh-frozen, it must pour boiling water and let stand, covered, for five minutes.All salt and pepper to taste.Some even add sugar to Olivier.Refill mayonnaise salad - Russian salad with chicken is ready.Bon Appetit.

And now I want to share a recipe for a classic salad, a part of which will be attended by the chicken and apples.

So, to start preparing basic boiled salad ingredients.Separately, cook a chicken breast, three eggs and the same amount of potatoes.One large carrot also need to boil.When all is cooked, you need to cool products.Finely cut boiled chicken fillet.In Olivier with chicken add the diced potatoes, carrots and eggs.Now came the turn of cucumbers.Finely diced fresh one, two pickles and mix with all the other ingredients.Next, finely chopped greens - you can add parsley or dill, but you can do both.In addition, be sure to cut into the salad with chicken green onion and one apple.All this is mixed in the same pan, add a can of peas and salt to taste.Refill mayonnaise - a festive salad with apples and chicken is ready.

Decorate a tasty and well-liked dish can be green, garnet grains or vegetables ornaments.