How to make jam from gooseberry?

Preparations of gooseberry extremely tasty and healthy, and if you add to them also orange, then jam it turns out not only tastier, but also by adding orange flavor becomes extraordinary.This jam can be cooked quickly.

gooseberry jam with the addition of orange.


  • approximately two kilograms of gooseberry and sugar;
  • three small orange.

gooseberry jam with orange.Preparation:

first thoroughly washed and iterate gooseberries.The loan cut the tails to the ground gooseberry and twist it in a meat grinder, along with oranges.

Next we shift all in a deep pan and add the sugar and mix well.Put the pan on the heat and cook for about twenty minutes, constantly removing the foam formed.

already preparing jam is poured into jars, which are pre-sterilized, and rolls them.Jam get quite liquid, but gradually cools, it thickens to the desired state.

gooseberry jam with oranges ready!Bon Appetit!

Tsarskoye gooseberry jam.

In this recipe gooseberry jam prepared even in the old days.It is excep

tionally beautiful and fragrant.To make it, it takes a long time, and of course, patience, but the end result is obtained will pay for all your efforts.Gooseberries emerald color in the amber syrup - it's indescribable pride of every housewife and also a great treat.


  • tight and big gooseberry, about one kilogram;
  • half a kilogram of sugar;
  • water, about two cups;
  • cherry leaves - 15 pieces.

Tsarskoye gooseberry jam.Preparation:

First, you need to select dense and tight gooseberries large.Then wash them in a little warm water and cut off the tails on both sides.With the tip of a sharp knife incised every gooseberries and remove all the seeds from it.This is most easily done with the help of hairpins hairdressers.Then again wash gooseberries.

then selected fresh leaves of cherry that they did not have any damage and wash them under running warm water.In a saucepan, gently pour a suitable berries and leaves of fresh cherries.Then boil the water, enough to fill the berries and fill gooseberries.We reserve all of about six hours.When gooseberries cool, cover the pan with paper.

After six hours, in a bowl in which to cook the jam, fill with sugar and pour water into it from the berries.Heated on low heat until the sugar has dissolved.Then carefully poured into a berry cherry without leaves and stir.Cook for about ten minutes and add the leaves of cherry, again cook for about five minutes before the transparency of berries.If gooseberry will be too hard, you can leave the jam after cooking for about five hours and then again boil for ten minutes.This can be cooked jam and cherry without leaves, but they give a special flavor and a pinkish hue jam.

Ready jam rolled into sterilized jars and put in a cool place.

Tsarskoye gooseberry jam is ready!Bon Appetit!