The drug 'Diana 35' - Description

"Diana 35" is a combination drug that contains estrogen and progestin has properties.Through the use of the facility is a high viscosity of the cervical mucus so sperm hard to get into the uterus, it is this property and provides contraceptive effect.Of the preparation "Diana 35" cyproterone acetate can block androgen receptors, so there is a reduction of hair growth and male pattern hair loss on the head, reducing the increase in generating sebum.The use of this drug helps fight acne and prevents the emergence of a new acne.The effect of the use of the drug comes on the 14th day after you started to take it as it is valid for 7 days after application.


"Diana 35" is used to prevent pregnancy.Also, the drug is used in the presence of women acne, seborrhea, excess body hair male pattern baldness, or, due to the action of male hormones.

"Diana 35" - instructions for use

To prevent pregnancy, you must take one tablet of 5 to 25 day menstrual cycle.Then make a break for five days and

then start taking the drug in the above amount.

significantly increases the risk of complications in the cardiovascular system, smoking, especially in women over 35 years.Before you start taking the drug, as well as its regular use necessary consultation gynecologist.

immediately stop taking the drug, "Diana 35" with the appearance of inflammation of the walls of veins, unusual pain in the legs or in the chest, thrombosis and embolism, the appearance of feeling chest compression.Also, you must refuse to accept the tool at the initial appearance of migraine headaches, impaired vision and hearing disorders in the locomotor system.If the planned surgery, the 6 weeks we must also stop taking "Diana 35".

People who have high blood pressure, you should know that the risk of thrombosis in them is much higher.Cancels the application of the drug in the presence of diseases such as jaundice, cholestasis, itching, increased seizures of epilepsy.If "Diana 35" is used with antiepileptic drugs, "ampicillin" "rifamycins" "butadiene" "griseofulvin" barbiturates, its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

If during the day a person is vomiting and diarrhea, it is necessary to re-take the pill, because the drug is rapidly excreted from the body and does not have its effect on him.If these symptoms last for a longer period, it is necessary to switch to another contraceptive method.

Possible side effects after receiving "Diana 35"

There may be pain in the stomach, as well as headaches, changed body weight and libido, and depression may occur, chloasma, interim bleeding.

Contraindications Do not take the drug for liver disease, pregnant, in the presence of breast cancer, disorders of lipid metabolism, otosclerosis and nursing mothers.

In cases of overdose with this drug are possible occurrence of vomiting, nausea, and vaginal bleeding.In such cases, symptomatic treatment.

"Diana 35" - reviews of preparation

Most patients say that the drug protects against unwanted pregnancy and has a cosmetic effect.Also, many women suffer from the fact that not only improves the condition of skin and hair, but there is some increase in breast.The disadvantage is the need for the preparation of his regular admission, otherwise the risk of pregnancy increases significantly.