How to stop nasvay?

Today nasvay more accessible than alcohol or cigarettes.Yes, and at a price not significantly different (even cheaper than cigarettes).As it turned out after the polls, many pushing for the use of nasvay desire to quit smoking.Paradoxically, not a hindrance, but nicotine dependence is enhanced because nasvay quit, it is not easier than to forget the heavy smokers of cigarettes.To replace one habit will come another (and sometimes even amicably coexist both).Make nasvay easy to give then a very, very difficult ...

Determine using drugs among the crowd is impossible: it does not require injections, chewing, etc. zanyuhivanie- This stuff is placed either under the tongue or under his lip and held until it's effect.Of course, at this point, no one thinks about how to quit nasvay.Understanding comes later, much later ... And yet - "catch" a strange feeling of relaxation and a light haze in the eyes, lasting no more than ten minutes.

Effects of use nasvay affected when a person moves in and begins to ac

quire a psychological dependence.Recurring blisters on the outer sides of the mouth, nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea - light, inconspicuous flowers.Then begin to mature and fruit: broken teeth and even their roots in adolescents is clearly delayed mental development, deteriorating memory, lost balance.And this seems to be enough to think about how to throw nasvay?But the relationship - the power of a great every time, sincerely promise to myself that this is the dose - the last man reaching for the new and new (and, of course, every time - the "last"), "throwing" and confidently striding to infertility and cancer.

Research oncologists gave shocking figures: one hundred people with cancer of the larynx, mouth or tongue, eighty consumed above nasvay!Moreover, the drug suppresses the immune system, allowing you to "cling" to all viral diseases.The body rapidly wasting away, and thought about how to quit nasvay comes with a terrible late: health is lost forever ...

According to some reports, in nasvay sometimes added oil, camel dung, chicken manure.Gardeners watered plants, greatly diluting dung, or they will "burn", as a part of nasvay it remains undiluted.Imagine what a "rattling" a mixture of: tobacco (in itself a strong stimulus), but lime, and even chicken manure!

Interestingly, the European Union banned import smokeless tobacco, and in Russia nasvay assigned register number, and the drug is absolutely affordable.

officially held UFS expertise nasvay sold by traders of spices in the market, showed that the composition contains arsenic and lead (poisons), cadmium (a toxic metal), DDT (burn mucous, causing gastritis and ulcers), litter chicken (a source of worms, "bouquet" of bacteria, hepatitis).

Is man created for the negligible role of self-destruction?With each dose, you are destroying the body.If this is your will, continue.Just think first about what might be waiting for you to come and what will never be: a walk in the arms of a loved one, your own child smile, happy eyes of parents.Really smelly nasvay - a worthy replacement of all this?Quit while you can still ...

nasvay How to quit?Take a willful decision.Throw all stocks nasvay.Brace yourself and discard the green balls, disfiguring life.Yes, it will be very, very difficult.Yes, there will be irritability and even insomnia.Having endured a couple of weeks.After all, it's worth it.Work out, making up for lost time.At a young body still so many reserve forces!A month later, the dependence will pass completely.And God forbid that no longer had to think about how to throw nasvay, neither you nor your future children!