How to properly smoke hookah

Clubs cold white smoke, pleasant aroma of fruit tobacco, gurgling water, cozy environment, communicating with people, relaxation - these associations occur in the head and the word "hookah".

Hookah smoking has long been one of the favorite pastimes of young people tired of noisy discos and uncontrolled dance.So much increased popularity is due to the craze and culture of the East, its traditions, cuisine, interiors and products.Hookah room, opens its doors to fans of this culture, allow us, the guests, to dive into another world, a different atmosphere, far from the Russian monotony of everyday life.Possibility of shisha, without leaving the familiar zone of fun and gluttony, and give us the restaurants, bars and nightclubs.Many of the fans to relax in a similar way to buy his home.

Unfortunately, many do not know how to smoke hookah, though, and do it quite often.In addition, you should review and instruction.It will help you not only to learn how to smoke hookah, but also how to collect it, fill

and operate at home.

immediate construction of a hookah is a tube with a filter and a long shank;bowl where the tobacco is placed;mine - a hollow tube, "core";flask, which is filled with a liquid, whether it be water, milk or alcohol;hose through which we breathe in the smoke;valve cap.In addition to the need to purchase a set: plate, tongs, foil, screen, die, seal, coal, tobacco, brush, etc.

Before you learn how to smoke hookah, you should learn how to collect.This process begins with the fact that we fill a flask liquid to a level to the lower end of the shaft was 2 cm is immersed in it.Leave sufficient distance between the liquid and the opening of the hose, to avoid splashing.Next, install the shaft seals and hoses.The final stage is the connection shaft and bowl.

If you do not know what fill the calabash and how to do it, we dare to assure you, everything is easy.Choose tobacco to your liking.This can be multifruit, mint, melon, apple, etc.10 grams of tobacco lay in a bowl, pre-fluffed.It is not necessary to stack it too tightly, it is necessary that the air passage.Then, tightly wrapped with foil cup and make small holes in it with a toothpick, to then put them on the charcoal.

Wondering what to smoke hookah, it is worth noting for themselves what effect you want to achieve.To reach nirvana, and total relaxation, it is worth trying a hookah on strong alcohol mixed with water (absinthe, brandy, wine).Keep in mind that in this case you may feel intoxicated, so be careful.If you - of tradition - you will approach the milk or plain water.Hookah in milk is a more delicious and rich, but the water does not affect the body so much.

now move on to the main question: "How to smoke hookah?".Theoretically, the process simple: inhale deeply through the tube, and after a few seconds exhalation.Before starting to smoke hookah is that coal burned.Also it is necessary to warn yourself from some of the mistakes that make inexperienced smokers.For example, do not inhale the smoke as much as possible, do exactly the breath, which is convenient to you.Otherwise, the body will lead to a glut of headaches and brain fog.Also, smoking is extremely full, so as not to accelerate the production of juice in the stomach.Smoke only in well-ventilated and ventilated.Do not mix shisha and spirits.Prefer natural tea with herbs and fruit, or a cool, dry wine.